Transportation Design Laboratory: our MA students rise to the challenge!

The Master in Transportation and Car Design represents a journey of excellence dedicated to training young designers. The significant partnerships with industry-leading companies and the work conducted within a series of workshops testify to our students’ tireless commitment to refining their skills in order to become successful designers in the automotive and design sector.

Students during the presentation

Students during the presentation


Students during the presentation

During the Transportation Design Laboratory, students took on a challenge presented by Ducati to develop a last-mile vehicle. This challenge provided them with the opportunity to put their creative and technical skills to the test in the context of urban transportation design.

In the first phase of the workshop, students were invited to imagine an extraordinary vehicle, a means of transport that would face conventions and conquer urban challenges without compromise. This initial challenge laid the foundation for an exciting journey into the world of automotive design, with a unique goal in mind: to bring out the true essence of Ducati through a last-mile vehicle.

In the second phase, students brought their initial ideas to life, delving into in-depth research on ergonomic, functional, and aesthetically captivating forms. This was the moment when revolutionary ideas emerged, facing the status quo and capturing Ducati’s heritage in a unique and innovative way.

The final phase arrived with the students’ presentation of their final projects to the Ducati team. After months of hard work, development, and endless creativity, students exceeded expectations, presenting truly innovative and unprecedented projects.

Through this challenging collaboration with Ducati, our students have demonstrated their ability to rise to the occasion and push the boundaries of automotive and urban transportation design. The journey, from the initial brief to the final presentation, has been marked by creativity, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence.

Collaborations with industry leaders and hands-on experience gained in our workshops have provided our students with valuable insights and skills that will lead them to successful careers in the automotive and design industries. As they continue to break new ground and redefine the future of transport, we are proud of the exceptional talent and potential our students are demonstrating day after day!