Italian and English Language Courses

Enhance your cultural and professional background with language courses from SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design in collaboration with CIELS Campus.

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Survival Italian classes is an intensive program designed to teach foreign students attending a course at SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design the basics of Italian language and culture, quickly and efficiently. The importance of these courses lies in their ability to provide the basic linguistic tools necessary to handle everyday situations, thereby facilitating greater independence and confidence in a foreign context.

Why choose Survival Italian classes?

To reduce the language barrier and promote greater cultural and social integration. These courses utilize methodologies that make learning more enjoyable but also more effective and practical, as they encourage the active use of the language in real contexts, thus facilitating a rapid acquisition of essential communicative skills.


Course Details

  • Institution: The course offers the opportunity to reach level A1 in the Italian language. The course is offered by CIELS Campus, a university that provides Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Linguistic Mediation and Interpreting.
  • When: The course can be repeated several times during the course of the year upon reaching the minimum number of students.
  • Duration: 36 hours. The course is designed to provide in a relatively short time enough knowledge to ensure that SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design students can have a minimum level of proficiency in Italian.
  • Cost per student: €300.00.
  • Min. amount of students to activate the class: 10.
Enhance your language skills and achieve B2 level by participating in the intensive English course developed in collaboration with CIELS. This educational experience will guide you to success and enable you to acquire the competencies required for Bachelor of Arts.

Course details

  • InstitutionCIELS offers Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Linguistic Mediation and Interpreting.
  • Course final level: B2
  • Duration: 36 hours
  • The first part (18 hours) will be asynchronous, the second one (18 hours) will be synchronous.
  • When (second part): June and July, once a week.
  • Cost per student: €300.00.
  • Min. amount of students to activate the class: 10.
  • Entry level requiredB1

CIELS Campus is a university-level Campus for Socio-cultural Language Mediation, aiming to train professionals with a solid background in foreign languages and specialization in increasingly sought-after educational areas in the job market.

Established in 2010, with headquarters in Padua, Brescia, and Bologna, it is an institution affiliated with the university system by Ministerial Decree of 12/03/2010. The educational offerings include a three-year Bachelor’s Degree in Sciences of Language Mediation – Degree Class L-12 and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication – Degree Class LM-94, as well as master’s and advanced training courses for professionals.