Bachelor of Arts in

Automotive and Transport Design


Course length

3 Academic Year


October 2024





BA (Hons) in Automotive and Transport Design

The BA programme in Automotive and Transport Design is dedicated to the next generation of automotive industry professionals who aspire to design products that not only meet current market demands, but also anticipate future trends, discover new market opportunities, and meet latent user needs.

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car digital rendering

Car Sketch

Car Sketch


The program focuses on car design and then extends to other transportation forms, including electric vehicles and emerging mobility. The goal is to produce adaptable professionals who can succeed in the ever-changing automotive and transport sector on a global scale.

Merging tradition and innovation, the BA in Automotive and Transport Design provides you with a profound understanding of the field’s foundations, and valuable insights into the global automotive market and its evolving trends, preparing you to anticipate and address future challenges.

The Ba (Hons) Automotive and Transport Design is based on a learning strategy aimed at nurturing creative talent through the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills.

The key objectives are:

  • Provide a strong foundation in design methodology, equipping students with the skills to conceptualise, develop, and refine automotive and transport design concepts from ideation to a complete virtual design.
  • Foster creative and critical thinking abilities, encouraging students to generate innovative and sustainable design solutions for the automotive and transport industry, to stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the field, promoting a commitment to lifelong learning and adaptability to the evolving mobility and transportation sector.
  • Offering opportunities to collaborate with industry professionals, design studios, and automotive manufacturers, providing students with practical insights into the professional practices and challenges of the automotive and transport design industry, ultimately enhancing their employability and readiness for a successful career in the field or a prosecution with further studies in the field.

Candidates are eligible if the award of this qualification is subsequent to a comprehensive educational path of a minimum of 12 years.

If required in the country of origin, they have passed national examination for university entry.

Students whose first language is not English will need to achieve an IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent.

Additionally, a motivational letter, a portfolio (if available), and an admission interview are required as part of the admission process.

The Bachelor of Arts in Automotive and Transport Design is organized in collaboration with major industry leaders and other universities. Certificates and academic credits are awarded according to the ECTS system.

The Professional Practice module, scheduled in the first semester of the third year, extends for 12 weeks and provides you with a valuable opportunity to engage in real-world challenges within the professional or academic context.

During this semester, you can select from three distinct options:

  • Internship: a professional experience in a real workplace environment;
  • Project work: an in-depth exploration of a particularly significant study topic through a research project within the school, in collaboration with a company.;
  • Study abroad: an experience of personal and cultural growth through a period of study overseas.

The Major Project signifies a dual role:

  • it serves as the culmination of your academic endeavors, synthesizing the knowledge and skills acquired throughout your BA programme
  • simultaneously, it marks the inaugural step into their professional career in the design industry.

This project isn’t merely a concluding chapter; it’s the opening of a new chapter of their life. The Major Project consists of an individual design research project that allows the students to delve into a chosen theme within a research framework or a project brief proposed by the Course Leader.

Throughout this project, the students will have the opportunity to develop your own design research under the guidance of the Course Leader and with support from Module Leaders. If the Major Project involves collaboration with companies, the students will have the opportunity to work in a “close-to-reality” environment and gain more practical experience.

After completing the BA (Hons) in Automotive and Transport Design at SPD, you will be well-prepared to begin a career in various fields within the automotive and transport sectoror to undertake further study.

Career opportunities may include:

  • Design studios
  • Automotive consultancy firms
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Vehicle design centres
  • Mobility design consultancy firms

Claudio Fassini is an experienced Italian designer and educator.

He holds a Master of Arts in Design from the Royal College of Arts in London and has a diverse international background, having lived, studied, and worked in Italy, the UK, the US, and Germany. With over three decades in the business, Claudio has worked with renowned companies such as Philips, Fiat, McLaren, Studio Sowden, Whirlpool, Hyundai, Rolex, Agv Helmets, Porsche, Bosch and others.

His experience ranges from project management in various areas of design, overseeing the project lifecycle from market analysis and concept generation to proposal development and production, often leading international teams. He has been collaborating with SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design for over 15 years, working on 2D representation, sketching, digital rendering, 3D modeling, and tutoring projects for the transportation and car design courses. Claudio is responsible for SPD’s transportation and car design department.