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Everyone knows Milan as the design capital and Italy’s most dynamic and international metropolis, but that’s not all. Milan is much more, you just have to discover it.

Students in class

Students in class

Students in class

To help international students who want to attend one of our Master’s or One-Year courses, SPD has created a support service to help them organise their arrival and stay in Italy in the best possible way, supporting them with paperwork.

Here is some useful information.

  • For NON-EU students
    To arrive in Italy, international students enrolled in Master’s and One-Year courses must apply for a study visa at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence. Depending on your country of residence, it may take up to several weeks before you receive the document. Therefore, it’s a good idea to act in advance and make your first appointment in good time. For the visa to be issued, it is necessary to take out an insurance policy that covers the costs of possible accidents or illnesses. In this first phase, the student can turn to private insurance companies in his or her country and sign a contract valid for the duration of the course. Alternatively, he can choose to interrupt the private insurance and continue for the calendar year, so from January to December, with the Italian health insurance.
  • For EU and NON-EU students
    • Tax code/Codice fiscale: the Codice Fiscale is a series of 16 alphanumeric characters that allows Italian public authorities to identify each citizen in the country. It is one of the most important documents as it allows you to register with the National Health System, open a bank account, sign a rental contract for a flat, subscribe to public transport and much more.
    • Residence permit: All international students staying in Italy for more than 3 months are obliged to register temporarily with the local authority of their place of residence.
    • Health insurance: As mentioned above, all students must be covered by health insurance valid for the duration of their stay in Italy. Those without it may benefit from the National Health System upon payment of the registration fee or any private insurance valid on Italian territory.
  • For NON-EU students
    • Permit of stay/Permesso di soggiorno: the Permesso di soggiorno is an electronic card that allows non-European citizens to stay legally in Italy for one year. Therefore, students enrolled in Master’s courses will have to renew their residence permit to stay until they obtain their degree. The first request must be made within eight working days of entering Italy.

If you have any further questions, our staff will be glad to offer any support you may need. Contact the Academic Office by writing to


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