Bachelor of Arts in

Communication, Culture and Business


Course length

3 Academic Year


October 2024





BA (Hons) in Communication, Culture and Business

The Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, Culture and Business offers an interdisciplinary approach where students engage with current cultural and communication issues, conduct research, and explore theoretical models. They work on practical projects, such as consultancy, campaigns, and exhibitions.


The program combines intellectual and practical tools, emphasizing critical thinking. Students can customize their studies by focusing on communication, cultural science, or cultural production. State-of-the-art resources and labs enable hands-on learning. Located in a cross-disciplinary environment, the program encourages interaction with excellence in design fields. It also has strong industry connections, preparing graduates for employment.


In a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Culture and Business, you’ll study a mix of communication theory, cultural studies, design principles, and practical skills. This includes courses on visual communication, media analysis, and creative problem-solving.

You’ll also work on real-world projects, gaining a well-rounded education for careers in various communication and design fields.

Candidates are eligible if the award of this qualification is subsequent to a comprehensive educational path of a minimum of 12 years.

If required in the country of origin, they have passed national examination for university entry.

Students whose first language is not English will need to achieve an IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent.

Additionally, a motivational letter, a portfolio (if available), and an admission interview are required as part of the admission process.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Culture and Business is organized in collaboration with major industry leaders and other universities. Certificates and academic credits are awarded according to the ECTS system.

Students have the opportunity to embark on a vocational internship with esteemed external institutions and companies, engage in an internal research internship, or immerse themselves in a study abroad experience. This immersive experience takes place during the first semester of the third year, providing an extended duration to maximize educational and personal growth.

Through these internships and study abroad opportunities, students will have the chance to apply and expand their knowledge, skills, and abilities in real-world settings. This immersive experience provides a rich and diverse learning environment, fostering personal and professional growth while enjoying the broader benefits of exploring new horizons for their upcoming careers.

The Major Project module aims at enabling students to develop and direct their own design project, taking into account learnings from previous modules. It aims also at encouraging students to demonstrate a high level of professional competence and to have a deep understanding of the social and philosophical context, in which they are practising.

Students are expected to demonstrate the enterprise potential in their ideas and to understand the future possibilities and contexts, in which ideas will exist. Students critically reflect upon their own learning and become prepared for continuous professional development.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Culture and Business  can open the doors to a variety of career opportunities such as:

  • Market Researcher: conduct market research and analysis as a market researcher or analyst to inform business decisions.
  • Event Planner: organize and manage events as an event planner, coordinator, or producer.
  • Brand Manager: manage brand identity and reputation as a brand manager or strategist for companies and organizations.
  • Content Strategist: develop content strategies and plans for businesses and digital platforms.
  • PhD: pursue further education or research opportunities, teaching or conducting research in communication and cultural studies.

These career opportunities reflect the diverse skills and knowledge gained from a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Culture and Business, making graduates versatile candidates in various industries that require effective communication, cultural awareness, and design expertise.