UX Design – Ray-Ban Custom Configurator

During the UX Design course, students in the Master’s in Visual Design delved deeply into exploring the User Experience (UX) of the Ray-Ban Custom Configurator, the service offered by Ray-Ban for customizing one’s eyewear model from every angle.


Under the guidance of Daniele Catalano, UX Strategist & Researcher at EssilorLuxottica, the students explored the User Experience of the Ray-Ban Custom Configurator to evaluate its current state, identify user preferences, and pinpoint issues related to customization options. Additionally, they assessed the impact of customization on user perception of value, and through in-depth usability analyses, design research, and creative iterations, their efforts contributed to shaping a refined, intuitive, and fulfilling user experience for all those seeking a unique eyewear item.

First and foremost, they were tasked with formulating a key strategic question to guide them through an evaluation and improvement process, focusing on maximizing value for users and aligning with business objectives.

Subsequently, the young designers conducted detailed research on the typical user to fully understand preferences and identify critical points related to customization options. The collection of results, crucial for making informed and data-driven decisions, guided subsequent actions.

In parallel, it was necessary to perform a competitive analysis through benchmarking actions compared to the rest of the market. This process allowed the identification of best practices in the industry and drawing inspiration from successful solutions implemented by others, but also identifying any unmet user needs, thus finding their own market niche.

Lastly, a critical review of the state of the art of the Ray-Ban Custom Configurator was carried out for a detailed analysis of strengths and areas for improvement, thus contributing to an in-depth understanding of the situation.

Relying on in-depth research supported by data allowed the master class to develop a comprehensive proposal for improving UX that could incorporate all market insights and materialize them in a way to optimize effectiveness, efficiency, and emotional satisfaction for future buyers.

The students of the Master’s in Visual Design enthusiastically embraced the brief proposed by EssilorLuxottica and, through innovative approaches, data analysis, and design, transformed the user experience for users of the Ray-Ban Custom Configurator, making it easier, engaging, and captivating.