Design Talks

Program 2018

Program 2018

The 2018 edition of the DesignTalks, the public lecture series promoted every year by SPD, brings together voices from different professional fields and covers a wide range of contemporary subjects. The programme features stories, ideas and insights from Studio FLUDD, Mauro Porcini, Clara von Zwiegberk, Robert Wallace and Hansje van Halem. The complete programme offers a showcase of the latest topics and research trends from different disciplines offering an up to date perspective on the creation and evolution of the professional scene.

The new edition of DesignTalks will start in March 2018.

The meetings scheduled for Design Talks 2018

Tuesday, April 17

h.11:30 AM

PEPSI CO | Design-drive innovation


Moderator: Antonello Fusetti

Created in 2012, PepsiCo Design team has produced brilliant product innovations and creative partnerships ultimately resulting in a global promotion of the brand values and a quantum leap in the company culture. In this talk, Mauro Porcini will share insight into the design process at Pepsico which brings together design, strategy and prototyping as a key tool to transform ideas in relevant, impactful and feasible solutions.

Tuesday, March 6

h.7:00 PM

Studio FLUDD


Moderator: Silvia Sfligiotti

Sara Maragotto will illustrate the creative process of visual exploration, crafted imagination and mixed media transformation of Studio Fludd: the multidisciplinary firm that she created in 2008 along with her two partners, Matteo Baratto and Caterina Gabelli.