Exploring Design Excellence: The Essence of “Design Details Exhibition”


“Design Details” emerges as a beacon of creativity, spotlighting the nuanced craftsmanship within the realm of design. Curated within this exhibition are 19 enlarged images, each a testament to the meticulous artistry gleaned from a myriad of projects nurtured by the students at SPD over recent years.

At the heart of this showcase lies an intimate revelation, offering spectators a profound glimpse into the inventive minds of design students hailing from diverse corners of the globe. Through magnified views and intricate perspectives, the essence of each design element is dissected, revealing the intrinsic beauty encapsulated within.

From the portrayal of tangible objects to the ethereal realms of renderings and digital imagery, the breadth of techniques and design methodologies showcased underscores the dynamic learning environment fostered at SPD. Here, students not only glean knowledge but also cultivate a rich repertoire of skills essential for their professional journey ahead.

As viewers traverse the gallery, they embark on a visual odyssey, where every brushstroke and pixel serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication of designers. “Design Details” beckons its audience to embark on a journey of discovery, inviting them to explore the symbiotic relationship between form and function. Through this exploration, the exhibition elucidates the profound impact of each minuscule component, underscoring its pivotal role in shaping the ever-evolving landscape of design.

And that’s why we are very pleased to announce our presence at Bodio Center with the exhibition “Design Details” from Monday, April 15th to Saturday, April 20th.


Master: Industrial Design, Food Design and Innovation, Visual Design, MEED Event and Exhibition Design – in collaboration with Fondazione Fiera Milano, Transportation and Car Design, Web and Digital Design, Interior Design.

Students: Laura Affinito, Nicola Zappelli, Fan Yeh, Laura Cubero, Giusi Giaconia, Wei Yi Yeh, Ana Maria Adame Valenzuela, Hsin Yu Tsaih, Hsu Lun Chi, Nicolás Mogollon, Soledad Diaz, Marsha Vetolskiy, Cara Hausdorf, Badr Zabarah, Andrea Pazmiño Ramirez, Camila Galdo, Ana Paola González Polo, Wowk Mateusz, Gopalakrishna Mahesh, Beatriz Merino, Doriane Wach, Zahra Hamidizadeh, Andrés Ossa Centenaro, Simone Archetti, Sacha Samaha, Sameeksha Khadke, Marta Suprynowicz, Flavio Pontrelli, Fernanda Brugger, Maga Cueva, Isabel Marin, Anna Sanga, Lorenzo Botticelli, Manon Braeckman, Jui En Lin, Alberto Califano, Elisa Orlandi, Marta Macari, Giulia Mingucci, Caterina Pennazzato, Hao Sheng, Josephina Gigliotti, Mask Domanski, Mirko Pavan, Soha Assim, Elissa Samaha, Minh Nguyen, Violette Arnaud, Karen Tannous.