For the 25th anniversary of the Salone Satellite, Marva Griffin orchestrated a captivating initiative, enlisting the creative prowess of budding designers enrolled in the MEED Master’s program in Event and Exhibition Design in collaboration with Accademia Fiera Milano. Tasked with a unique challenge, these emerging talents embarked on a journey to craft a commemorative poster that would encapsulate the essence of the renowned Salone Satellite.

At the heart of this endeavor lay a profound objective: to visually articulate the core values intrinsic to the Salone Satellite’s identity. Among these values, paramount was the exhibition’s role as a pivotal nexus, fostering connectivity and dialogue between visionary entrepreneurs and aspiring young designers.

Founded in 1998 by the visionary Marva Griffin, the Salone Satellite has burgeoned into a beacon of innovation within the global design landscape. Its enduring legacy rests not only on its capacity to showcase emerging talents but also on its ability to cultivate meaningful interactions that transcend generations and boundaries.

As the milestone anniversary approached, Griffin seized the opportunity to invigorate the celebration by engaging the next generation of design luminaries. The challenge was clear: conceive a poster that would serve as both a testament to the Salone Satellite’s illustrious journey and a harbinger of its future trajectory.

Guided by a spirit of ingenuity and collaboration, the young designers embarked on their creative odyssey. Each stroke of the pen, each splash of color, was imbued with the aspirations and ideals that animate the Salone Satellite. From bold typographic explorations to intricate illustrations, their interpretations echoed the vibrancy and diversity inherent in the design community.

Throughout the selection process, emphasis was placed not only on aesthetic merit but also on the poster’s ability to encapsulate the ethos of the Salone Satellite. Each submission underwent rigorous scrutiny, evaluated against criteria that encompassed originality, thematic resonance, and visual impact.

The culmination of this collective effort yielded a captivating array of posters, each a testament to the ingenuity and vision of its creator. Some harnessed the power of symbolism, weaving narratives that celebrated the interplay between tradition and innovation. Others embraced avant-garde techniques, pushing the boundaries of perception and provoking thought.

Yet, amidst this kaleidoscope of creativity, a common thread emerged: a fervent dedication to honoring the legacy of the Salone Satellite while charting a course towards a future imbued with possibility. Each poster, in its own unique way, served as a testament to the enduring spirit of collaboration and innovation that defines the Salone Satellite.

As the anniversary festivities unfolded, these posters served as more than mere adornments; they became emissaries, transmitting the essence of the Salone Satellite to a global audience. Through their artistry, these young designers not only paid homage to the past but also heralded a future brimming with promise and potential.

As the curtain fell on this momentous celebration, one truth remained resolute: the Salone Satellite, with its unwavering commitment to fostering dialogue and nurturing talent, stands as a beacon of inspiration for generations to come. In the ever-evolving landscape of design, it remains a steadfast reminder that the most enduring creations are born not in isolation, but through the collective endeavor of visionary minds united in purpose.

And that’s why we are very pleased to announce our presence at the Salone Satellite 2024 with the exhibition “INTERDEPENDENCE. DESIGNING RELATIONSHIPS” from Monday, April 15th to Sunday, April 21st.



Scientific direction: Enrica Baccini, Gabriella Pedroletti 

Academic Year: 2022/2023 

Lecturers: Prof. Ico Migliore, Prof. Paolo Giacomazzi 

Module: Exhibition Design 

Students: Badr Zabarah, Mahnoosh Yazdanpanah, Andrea Pazmiño Ramírez Camila Galdo, Giulia Cordiner, Beatrice Molmenti, Hao Sheng, Kavya Aggarwal, Josephina Gigliotti, Ana Paola González Polo, Giulia Mingucci, Hena Sarah Eldose, Elena Moroni, Caterina Pennazzato.