Quantron at SPD: a gateway to sustainable transportation design

Students of the Master’s in Transportation and Car Design had the opportunity to participate in a special lecture organized in collaboration with Quantron, company specialized in the development and production of commercial and industrial vehicles based on hybrid and electric propulsion technology.

Students in class



During aerodynamics classes, our young designers had the privilege of meeting Koorosh Shojaei, Design and Strategy Project Manager at Quantron, who shared insights into the company’s fundamental principles and innovative practices and personally invited them to the Quantron Design Award 2024.

Quantron is a German company specializing in the development and production of commercial and industrial vehicles based on hybrid and electric propulsion technology. Its focus on both light and heavy commercial vehicles, such as trucks and buses, is renowned. The company is committed to developing sustainable mobility solutions, using advanced technologies like plug-in hybrid and fully electric propulsion, with the aim of contributing to emission reduction and the transition to more ecological transportation.

The lecture laid the groundwork for an extraordinary opportunity: the Quantron Design Award 2024. In collaboration with prestigious industrial partners such as Vizcom, Gravity Sketch, and Automotive Design Planet, this significant award calls our students to the forefront of excellence in the field of Transportation Design.

The design challenge presented is intricate and transformative: redefining the future of transportation through the conceptualization of modular packages. Students are tasked with developing two distinct design criteria on a common platform: creating a full-sized European truck with a driver’s compartment (Option A) or a driverless truck with a remotely operated platform or full autonomy (Option B).

The Quantron Design Award 2024 goes beyond a simple design competition; it serves as a channel for students to establish meaningful connections with industry leaders. By participating, they not only showcase their innovative skills but also position themselves at the intersection of theoretical knowledge and practical applications.

This lecture represents a unique opportunity for our students as it combines academic rigor with the needs of the industry and society. Furthermore, it exemplifies SPD’s commitment to cultivating talent that not only meets but surpasses industrial standards.

As our students embark on this journey with Quantron, we anticipate witnessing not only revolutionary solutions but also the cultivation of visionaries in the field of Transportation Design. We look forward to seeing what our students will achieve, hoping that this extraordinary learning experience is approached with creativity and courage. Best of luck!