MEED students present an innovative design project to MICAM team

Innovation, sustainability, and efficient management were the focal points for the students of the Master in Event and Exhibition Design when they redesigned MICAM X, the Innovation Hub of MICAM Milano.

Students at work

Rendering MICAM X

MICAM presentation

Rendering MICAM X

Rendering MICAM X

Participants in the Master in Event and Exhibition Design, a collaborative master’s course involving SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design, Accademia Fiera Milano, and IULM, have demonstrated their groundbreaking creativity and professionalism within the trade fairs industry through a design project presented to the MICAM team.

Their project encompassed several key elements, demonstrating the versatility and ingenuity of SPD students. Firstly, they introduced a new and innovative concept for MICAM X, which captured everyone’s attention with its originality and strong commitment to sustainability.

In addition to reimagining the exhibition concept, students redefined the event’s marketing communication, beginning with the buyer’s customer journey. This approach opened up new avenues for more effective and impactful audience engagement.

The application of a project management tool, the Gantt chart, was one of the keys to the project’s success. Students meticulously managed the complex planning and development process of the event, ensuring that each phase was executed efficiently and on schedule.

Another significant improvement was the creation of a new exhibition area dedicated to companies embracing sustainable production. This special zone provided valuable recognition to businesses committed to eco-sustainability, contributing to the promotion of environmental responsibility within the footwear industry.

This project represents not only a triumph for SPD students but also serves as a concrete example of the value of high-quality education provided to future design professionals. SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design will continue to support and celebrate the creative talents that are reshaping the global design landscape.