Project work: Calendar’s faces

Faces to glance through on the pages of a calendar. After having investigated the human body in each and every glamour magazine, the attention is now back on the face, dealing with personal identity. The project is the 2003 calendar of Scuola Politecnica di Design, the first italian educational center, established in 1954. The work has been realized by students from theMaster in Visual Design in cooperation with Nava Design.

The calendar spotlights everyday faces of the SPD students – young talented designers coming form all over the world – beside the portrait of the masters who really made the history of this school.

Each month pays a tribute: January starts with Nino di Salvatore, founder of SPD, well known painter and one of the first members of the MAC, Movimento Arte Concreta. The following months celebrate Bruno Munari who had been teaching at SPD for a decade, Max Huber, an important representative from the milanese graphic tradition, Gillo Dorfles and Attilio Marcolli among the others.

All the photos of the leading characters of the calendar are from SPD archive and were taken at the school during lessons, lectures, meeting with students. They have been retouched and computer processed by this year students. In each page the art direction combines images, drawings and texts in ironic and curious ways thus showing the personality, the values, the hallmark of each character.

The result is a well articulated and singular project: month by month these pages strike and catch the attention. In the background this work talks about the profession of the visual designer whose work always strives to use graphic signs as means of creative expression.

Younger students from the SPD Basic Course in Visual Design took park in the project of SPD calendar taking pictures of their schoolmates.