Project work : sports cars

Sports cars: this is the project work developed during the Transportation Design Master, 2001-2002 edition.

In collaboration with the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, the students have been focused on the compact sports cars segment, vehicles capable of offering a pleasant urban driving experience. The teaching staff was guided by Arcangelo Jeker, former Chief Interior Designer from Alfa Romeo

. Compact sports cars feature a segment in the automotive marketplace which is gaining more and more the car makers’ attention. Cars of reduced size but also showing great character and personality. Agility, style and sporting performances on one hand are combined on the other with precision and comfort even in slow moving city traffic

. Students’ work calls on Alfa Romeo 147 whose uses both the platform and the mechanicals. The new sport car concept is 30 cm. shorter than the 147 model: the total lenght of the vehicle is now 3,9 m., easy to manoeuvre and to drive in and out of tight parking slots. The interior carry along the same line of Alfa Romeo 156: an ergonomic sport-like cockpit makes you feel comfortably wrapped in the seat of a racing car

. The concept developed is aimed to young and demanding consumers, appealed by leading-edge technological featurings: satellite navigator, interconnectivity devices that enables you to receive data and information, entertainment systems – such as DVD and surround effect audio – offering a pleasant experience while driving

. The students were organized as in a professional team under the assistance of SPD teachers and of Mario Favilla from the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo 3D virtual models were realized by CAS technology (Computer Aided Styling). A real aestetic model on 1:4 scale was also produced. Car Studio and Italo Castiglioni’s offered useful support for the engineering aspects and the model production stage.

Anno accademico 2001-2002

In collaboration with: Centro Stile Alfa Romeo Teacher: Arcangelo Jeker Students : Georges Aramouni, Fernan Castillo, Kimihiko Hida, Jose Gomez de Varga, Ludmil Kantchev, Annamaria Palmigiano, Daniele Pesaresi, Denis Martins Rodrigues, Sergio Tagliabue, Tung Chu Yen.

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