Lupo & Burtscher at SPD. The next DesignTalk on 8 May at 6.30 p.m.

Lupo & Burtscher at SPD. The next DesignTalk on 8 May at 6.30 p.m.

Lupo & Burtscher at SPD. The next DesignTalk on 8 May at 6.30 p.m.

Thought and action, art and design, two-dimensional and three dimensional. A lecture by Lupo & Burtscher entitled In between explains their idea of global design.

The DesignTalks programme continues with the lecture by Angelika Burtscher e Daniele Lupo. Designers and curators, Angelika Burtscher and Daniele Lupo opened in 2003 in Bolzano an hybrid space named “Lungomare”,  both a cultural workshop and an exhibition space. In 2004 they also started their professional practice “Lupo & Burtscher”, focussing on visual communication and on the design of products, interiors and installations.

The conference is open to the public; the invited speakers will be introduced by Silvia Sfligiotti. Language:Italian with simultaneous translation in English

Lupo & Burtscher develops two and three-dimensional projects according to an interdisciplinary approach. They deal with communication campaigns and identity systems for cultural institutions, editorial design, industrial products and limited editions for galleries and companies, ambient media and installations in public spaces to increase the social awareness on specific issues. They also work on various exhibition design projects thanks to a close relationship with artists and curators. In collaboration with publishing houses and institutions Lupo & Burtscher produces periodicals and various publications.

Lungomare is a no-profit hub promoting design culture active in Bolzano since 2003. Its mission is to explore cross-disciplinary themes and define new, possible relations among various forms of creativity such as product and graphic design, architecture and urban planning, fashion, the arts and the relevant theoretical studies. All the initiatives are focussed on the creative processes inspired by everyday life and its social and cultural evolutions. According to Lungomare, design is a critical attitude toward reality and results into a both aesthetical and intellectual research activity.

DesignTalks is the international lecture programme promoted by Scuola P olitecnica di Design SPD to explore the most interesting research trends in design, architecture, graphic and multimedia.

The next guest speaking at SPD will be Urs Lehni on 29 May at 6.30 pm.




In between. 

Angelika Burtscher, Daniele Lupo
Wednesday 8 May at 18.30
Scuola Politecnica di Design SPD
via Ventura 15, Milano
Tel. +39 02 21597590