LET’S MID AGAIN – The Twenty Years of the Master in Interior Design

On February 29th, POLI.design and Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD) celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the Master in Interior Design at Politecnico di Milano. During the evening, the characteristics and history of the educational path were summarized, and discussions were held on the future developments of the relationship with the Sistema Design Milano, with which the program has always engaged in dialogue.

The link between the Master and the Design System Milano

Established in 2004, the Master in Interior Design at Politecnico di Milano – managed by POLI.design and SPD – has been a crucial step for the careers of hundreds of professionals. On Thursday, February 29th, it was celebrated with an invitation-only event at the Enterprise Hotel on Corso Sempione in Milan. Hosting the event were Francesco Scullica (Scientific Director of the Master), Giulia Gerosa (Co-director), and Angela Mazzotti (Scientific Coordinator), who highlighted the hospitality of Sofia Gioia Vedani (Architect and CEO of Planetaria Hotels). Giorgio Tartaro (Journalist, lecturer, and co-director of SPD’s Master) moderated the evening starting with the contributions of Anna Barbara (President of POLI.design), Carlo Privitera (CEO of SPD), Luisa Collina (Full Professor – Department of Design at Politecnico di Milano – Faculty of the Master in Interior Design), and the representatives of the four reference studios for the development of some of the Master’s design workshops: Matteo Colombo (Studio Progetto CMR), Rossella Forioli (Studio Migliore+Servetto), Simone Micheli (Simone Micheli Architectural Hero), Marco Piva, and Armando Bruno (Studio Marco Piva). Carlo Biasia (INTERNI) then emphasized the role and connection of INTERNI with the Design System Milano. During the concluding lecture “New Vision of Living,” Ludovica Serafini (Palomba Serafini Associati) discussed the design approach of her Studio, showcasing some of the main works carried out in thirty years of activity, highlighting the urgency and ability to grasp the changes in new ways of living that must focus on human beings.

The event highlighted the dialogue between the Master and the Sistema Design Milano, a “direct” relationship that translates into specific educational activities. Indeed, students have always been involved in visits to exhibitions, shows, showrooms, museums, “designer homes and locations,” and significant events such as Milan Design Week, Salone del Mobile, and Fuorisalone. All these meeting opportunities are “integrated” into the educational path, which at the same time establishes an “indirect” relationship with design studios, brands, companies, magazines, sector media, educational and research centers and institutions.

The Faculty, the topics of the lessons, and those of the exercises reflect the richness in content and methodology, the creative and design originality of a virtuous system. A system with strong roots in the urban fabric and in Italy, capable of creating connections with a broad international dimension while preserving its identity. A system, therefore, that deeply influences space design, the focal point of the educational product. As Francesco Scullica himself emphasizes: “Teaching interior design also includes the relationship with the profession and the connection with the Design System Milano, with which the Master has been interacting since its inception… The educational path has always sought to capture the micro and macro changes that modify the characteristics of spaces, the way they are used, the relationship with technology and behaviors, up to the various perspectives of design.”

LET’S MID AGAIN was organized by POLI.design and SPD – Scuola Politecnica di Design – in partnership with INTERNI and Planetaria Hotels, and with the patronage of ADI, AIPI, and FederlegnoArredo. The event was curated by Francesco Scullica, Giulia Gerosa, and Angela Mazzotti.