Lamborghini Next: final models by SPD designers

Lamborghini Next: final models by SPD designers

SPD enveils the 08-09 proposals for the Lamborghinis of the future at the presence of Walter de’ Silva, Wolfgang Egger e Filippo Perini.

The result of the collaboration between Lamborghini and SPD during the 2008-2009 edition of the Transportation Design Master’s course was presented in late October during the end-of-the-Master’s exhibition. It’s been a yearlong project supervised by Filippo Perini, Head of Design of Automobili Lamborghini, that was structured into two different tasks, each one lasting one semester, and marking two different interpretations of raging bull brand identity. The presentation was attended by Wolfgang Egger, Head of Design of Audi Brand Group – including also the Sant’Agata Bolognese based company – and by Walter de’ Silva that is leading the design of the whole Volkswagen group.

The aim of the brief is transferring the Lamborghini design language out of the existing product line conjugating it into new progressive concepts for a forthcoming future (2020). In their quest for genuine sources of inspiration, students will take advantage of their presence here in Italy and in Milan in particular, promoting a cross-fertilization process between different disciplines e.g. architecture and design, fashion and art. The resulting concepts outline two segments that proved to be particularly interesting for a future foray of the brand into new markets: the motorbikes and the racing cars segment. During the second term the attention was drawn to an even more immediate target: students were asked to interpret the current Lamborghini range in order to design a new generation of products – both single and two-seater proposals, rear and middle engine – based on the current Gallardo or Murcielago package.

During the presentation twenty concepts were disclosed together with eleven 1:4 models were disclosed, entirely hand-made by the students under the supervision of Alessandro Salvagnin from the Lamborghini Design Studio in Sant’Agata and the guidance of Alessandro Maccolini, SPD project coordinator, and Francesco Carbini, clay modelling specialist. In addition to the physical models, the projects were illustrated with multimedia and renderings embracing all the different phases in the design process: research, concept, exterior and interior design, colour and trim.

Joseph Kfouri (Lebanon) chose the off road genre – a segment far removed from the reality of Lamborghini today – for the astonishing space-capsule-like creation. Almost sculptural in shape, the car features partially exposed technical and mechanical elements.
Sergey Velet conceived a forceful and powerful car of compact architecture. The strakes in the flanks, bonnet and rear add dynamism to the forms and create complex surface effects. From thre rear, the engine can be seen through a large transparent surface.

Both Weiloon Choo (Malaysia) and Sebastian Negrete Monteiro (Chile) choose to concentrate on the motorbike segment: the first explores a naked sports bike with a sculpted front end and tank that cites the typical styling cues of the brand; the second proposal features dynamic lines, a terse silhouette and an original transparent fairing covering the engine. Carbon fibre inserts lend additional character.

Viktar Filipchanka (Belarus) and Nelson Simoes (Portugal) conceived a two seater with a frontal aspect defined by a grille that extends to include the lights. Certain distinctive Lamborghini cues are evident such as the Y-shaped lights, honeycomb grilles and clear cut sharp edges in the rear. The interior features exposed mechanical elements.

Berkhan Kocgazi (Turkey) and Nicola Mondini (Italy) propose a car with innovative cabin made entirely from a mesh structure which in addition to being decorative also lightens interior trim elements such as the door panels. The shape of the doors echies the geometric theme of the interior.

Dimitri Panov (Russia) and Mohd Bostami Bin Ahmad (Malaysia) created an astonishingly futuristic proposal. The strongest aspect of the design is the front with the surfaces originating from two deep intakes framed by the headlights and a row of LEDs.
Daniel Chinchilla Ochoa (Mexico) and Alberto Albilares (Spain) envisioned a two seater boasting powerful Lamborghini cues such as air intakes, strong wheelarches, V shaped lines on the bonnet. The result is a fairly balacend proposal that represent a natural evolution of the current models.

After the presentation, the brief for the new edition of the Master’s course has been announced. For the year 2009-2010 students will be assigned two different tasks, one focussing on the Lamborghini brand and the other one on the Audi brand. The first challenge will be concentrated on the Italian car-maker: students will have to devise an electric-drive supercar providing Lambo enthusiasts with an exciting driving experience characterized by a progressive design language and state-of-the-art performances enriched by a whole new and surprising sensorial palette.

  • Stefan Barac (Austria), Carl Soares (UK)
  • Daniel Chinchilla (Mexico), Alberto Fernandez Albilares (Spain)
  • Daniel Chinchilla (Mexico), Alberto Fernandez Albilares (Spain)
  • Weiloon Choo (Malaysia), Sebastian Negrete Monteiro (Chile)
  • Uploaded ToLamborghini Next: final models by SPD designer Walter de' Silva, Head of Design Volkswagen Group, attending the end of the Master presentation.
  • Uploaded ToLamborghini Next: final models by SPD designer Dario Dropucic (Croatia), Ori Yemini (Israel)
  • Uploaded ToLamborghini Next: final models by SPD designer Joseph Kfouri (Lebanon), Vincenzo Franchino (Italy)
  • Uploaded ToLamborghini Next: final models by SPD designer Berkhan Kocgazi (Turkey), Nicola Mondini (Italy)
  • Uploaded ToLamborghini Next: final models by SPD designer Mauro Lecchi (Italy), Wojciech Tuleja (Poland)
  • Uploaded ToLamborghini Next: final models by SPD designer Sergey Velet (USA), Tad Orlowski (Poland)
  • Uploaded ToLamborghini Next: final models by SPD designer Dmitri Panov (Russia), Bin Ahmad Bostami (Malaysia)
  • Uploaded ToLamborghini Next: final models by SPD designer Nelson Simoes (Portugal), Viktar Filipchanka (Belarus)
  • Uploaded ToLamborghini Next: final models by SPD designer Nelson Simoes (Portugal), Viktar Filipchanka (Belarus)
  • Lamborghini Next: final models by SPD designer Alex Velet (USA), David Hernandez Bautista (Mexico), Erol Tugra (Turkey)