A word with Alessandro Stabile

A word with Alessandro Stabile

Alessandro Stabile, Designer and Art Director, SPD alumnus Master in Industrial Design in 2009.

Designing chairs and tables in these difficult times. What is the value and the current relevance of this collection for Belca?
Belca manufactures furniture for the community, products designed for collective spaces where you can enjoy your stay, together. Often in the past, those who furnished these places selected objects with little care, only

thinking about their durability and budget. My job has been to design seating with a gentle and sincere aesthetics, but at the same time long-lasting and at a very competitive price. Betting on quality rather than quantity will be more and more necessary in our future.

How do you describe the work of the designer and specifically your work?
The designer, even before dealing with objects (form and function), has to deal with people and their attitudes. And people’s behaviors derive from their culture, but mostly from fears and desires. That’s why I think the role of the designer is now more necessary than ever. And I have always summarized my work in 3 key words: innovation, ethics and elegance.

How is your room for working at home today?
It is the same as always because my studio and my house have always been one. The room is bright, full of plants, books and well-designed objects: surrounding oneself with beauty is fundamental, it is therapeutic and educational.

An object to invent or redesign.
Right now we have to redesign the future. Imagining a different future is the definition of hope, the thing we need most right now. The period we’re living in is an incredible acceleration towards change, a change that even before this pandemic was necessary, but that without fear we might never have had the courage to embrace.

What can the design system do?
Design more in order to produce less, but above all, focus on communication to make the people understand that it is better to buy a quality product that lasts decades than to change one every three years, that it is necessary to enhance the materials and processes that highlight the wisdom of man, that a new product makes sense only if it adds something new to the world and not if it is simply a variant of what already exists. And finally, that to surround oneself with beauty and quality is educational: it’s gonna be hard to go back.

A tip for those who will finish school in early 2021
At this moment more than ever, having a vision is perhaps more important than having experience. So lets’ have the courage to change the pre-constituted, a method and the stubbornness to implement this change. In a word: energy!