A strategic vision for contemporary cities

Marcella dal Signore, conferenza urban planning SPD

A strategic vision for contemporary cities

On 11 December at 4 pm Marcella del Signore, Tulane University, gives a lecture on the digital and ecological shift of today’s cities

A lecture will be given by architect Marcella del Signore, Tulane University, on 11 December at 4 p.m.. The lecture titled Contemporary strategies for ecologic and digital cities, is open to the public and is part of the course taught by Prof. Giuseppe Morando in the Master’s in Interior Design. Del Signore posits that cities are facing a strategic turning point: they can become the embodiment of a radical paradigm shift towards the categories of the “contemporaneity”. Infact cities can embrace the digital revolution through a fully ecologic approach: this will require a massive change in our operational tools and strategies that will increasingly include both the macro-scale (urban design) and the micro-scale (architecture, interior and product design). Ecologic and social issues are addressed according to an approach that engages both the local and the global scale. In a society where the notion of time and use is transformed by new emerging technologies, we are faced with the challenge of integrating sustainable approaches to proceed towards synthetic scenarios.

Marcella Del Signore holds a Master in Architecture from University La Sapienza in Rome and a M.S in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. She is the principal of X-Topia, a practice networked in USA and Europe that explores the intersections of design with digital processes, urban space and art. She has practiced in Rome, Madrid, New Orleans, and New York. In New York she worked for Eisenman Architects and Richard Meier & Partners. She taught at Barnard College at Columbia University, LSU School of Architecture and since 2008 she is Assistant Professor of Architecture at Tulane University in New Orleans.