Matteo Moretti

Designer Matteo Moretti

Socio-Design: making sense of design

The relationship between design, politics and society is far from new: just thinking about the work of Otto Neurath, Albe Steiner and Massimo Dolcini.

New forms of design activism are emerging in response to contemporary issues, such as mass disinformation, distorted perceptions, migration or global warming. Projects that are not limited to the simple communication of the phenomenon, but that in some cases are able to activate new relationships, bonds and social dynamics within the communities in which they are inserted, giving life to what Lucius Burckhardt defined – in 1980 – Socio-Design.

A design methodology that breaks away from the experiences of social-design, understood as a practice that comes from social work, aimed at the inclusion of subjects usually excluded from the market, and tends to forms of social transformation, activating debates, leading reflections, increasing awareness to the point of deconstructing those invisible walls that too often separate our communities, between us and them.

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