Francesca Sarti

Francesca Sarti

Arabeschi di latte – Blurring the boundaries between food and design

Francesca founded the Arabeschi di Latte design studio in Italy in 2001. The studio was born out of experimentation with design concepts, reflecting on the cultural value of conviviality and the sharing of memories and traditions.

Throughout history, food and drink has been an integral part of our cultural consciousness, important in the founding and maintaining of new communities and societies. Arabeschi di Latte investigates through a creative and critical filter these cultural practices, looking at contemporary rituals, the spaces they inhabit and the complexity of human interactions.

Carrying out interdisciplinary research, mixing design and art practices, Sarti and her team work with international clients and partners to deliver installations, performances, bespoke experiences, set, spaces, workshops, visual narrative and social objects, blurring the boundaries between design, architecture, art and food culture .

The studio has worked for various institutions and companies, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, Fiorucci Art Trust, RCS, AESOP, Burberry, Fendi, Margiela, Marni, Zegna, Selfridges, Pitti Immagine, Altaroma, and much more.

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