Scuola Politecnica di Design

Campus Facilities

SPD new campus allows to experience the cultural and industrial essence of design in the heart of Milan creative district that is trend setting on international scale.

The school’s premises feature classrooms, areas for independent study, fully equipped computer rooms, print labs, a library with resources for innovative and recycled materials, a cafeteria. The lower level houses the modelling workshops and the main lecture hall; the tower accommodates seminar rooms, computer laboratories with mac and pc equipment and specialty software applications, a photographic studio, exhibition spaces, offices and technical areas. The building is located in the Navigli district and  is part of a recent addition to the campus of IULM university that since 2011 has been closely cooperating with SPD for the development of joint academic programmes. Students have also access to the facilities of the nearby IULM university such as the library and the canteen. A bookshop and recreation areas are also available around the campus.

SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design
via Carlo Bo 7
20143 Milano, Italy

How to reach SPD

SPD new premises have been designed by the international practice 5+1AA (Alfonso Femia Gianluca Peluffo architectures). The nine-storey tower is the signature element of a new complex which blends built-unbuilt spaces and adopts a specific colour and material palette to establish a constructive dialogue with the surrounding landscape. A visually imposing yet clean and almost mimetic result was thus achieved. The materials chosen for the facades are concrete, plaster and diamond-shaped glass blocks allowing the interaction with natural light. The interior volume is characterised by the interplay of solids and voids, organised by the spiral ramp that goes around the entire building. The glass partitions of the classrooms visible along the ramp put the emphasis on the activities going on inside while preserving a quiet atmosphere that helps to keep concentrated. Architect Guendalina di Lorenzo completed the space planning and the layout of the interiors. Rooms are outfitted with furniture that can be easily rearranged to accommodate a single person, pairs, or a larger group. The graphic design firm Jekyll&Hyde created the wayfinding system based on the contrast between the small scale of the information signs and a larger scale, characterised by the main theme of anamorphic perspective: big letters and numbers painted on the walls interact with those passing by and help them to navigate the space. Quotes by famous designers of the past that taught at SPD are also disseminated into the rooms that bear their names so as to decorate the surfaces and inspire the viewer at the same time.

Milan is a worldwide capital for design and fashion. The city is proud to have such a high number of creative professionals and innovative companies. It is the place to be for the young and talented. Milan’s centre is lined with all the most important flagship stores of design and fashion. Whereas outside the centre, this city has strings of distinguished furniture companies and handicraft businesses turning out the highest quality products imaginable. Milan is both business-wise and vibrant for its culture and lifestyle. There is always something happening, something to see and do or visit: museums, newly opened venues, show rooms, art and design festivals. Check out the restaurants and bars down the Navigli canals nearby SPD and go relaxing on a Sunday in the park next to the Triennale design museum. The design week held every year is the major international event attracting creative professionals and manufacturers from all over the world. The celebrated Fuorisalone event spread across the city finds its epicentre in the Tortona design district, just walking distance from SPD. Also the Salone del Mobile furniture fair every year provides updates on the most advanced trends in the furnishing industry and in interior design. During the fashion weeks as well the entire city is transformed into a showroom where presentations and events take place nonstop.