Roberto Baciocchi

Designer Roberto Baciocchi

Nothing left to chance

With his studio, Baciocchi Associati, Roberto Baciocchi is the man behind Prada’s stores since the late Eighties, in addition to the Miu Miu and La Perla ones. Certainly one of the most original and internationally renowned voices to explore retail design and understand how to optimize, also through branding, commercial or private spaces.

The lecture, developed through a dialogue with the audience, explores in particular the concept of “personality” as a key contribution to the architect’s work. The overview offered by Baciocchi’s professional portfolio is incredibly vast: from commercial spaces in the field of luxury, to interior design with special furnishings, to a recent personal research around the world of tableware and food consumption, developed in collaboration with the historic and contemporary design gallery Nilufar.

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