Luna Maurer

Luna Maurer

German born Luna Maurer works as an independent designer in the field of interaction and media design in Amsterdam. Her interests lie in technological developments that transform our media into fluid digital environments. Maurer focuses on finding new design solutions for this challenge.

Central to her work – as appears clearly also in this lecture at SPD – is the theme of ‘control’. This leads to design methods in which designing the environments for visualization or creation of content is more important than designing the end product. The structure and the process become a key part of the message.

She applies her approach of designing environments, conditions and tools to all kinds of media: dynamic media (web, tools, animation and video) but also to print, installations and performances.

Luna Maurer currently collaborates with Jonathan Puckey, Roel Wouters and Edo Paulus, developing and discussing their working methods under the term ‘Conditional Design’.

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