Stefano Giussani

Giussani Project

Born in Milano, Stefano Giussani graduated in Architecture and then complete the Master in Interior Design in 2004. Before the end of the programme he was chosen by Piero Lissoni, one of his tutors at the school, for an internship experience at his milanese studio.

Since then, he has been involved in many important commission of private/residential projects, hotels and food companies all over the world. He is now project manager and partner at Lissoni Architettura.

Giussani Installation

Giussani Outdoor Environment

Giussani Office

Giussani Office

Giussani Environment

Giussani Living Room

After graduating in architecture I was looking for a school which could satisfy my interest in the field of interiors. I immediately recognised that SPD was able to provide me with everything I wanted to learn, thanks to its wide range of courses and its teaching staff drawn from world-famous architects.

To fully appreciate the complexity and excitement of the design process. Thanks to the real case studies brought in by the lecturing professionals, we were provided with a direct link to the real world of interior design.

I was contacted by Piero Lissoni’s studio just before graduation and was given the opportunity to spend 2 months as a trainee there. One thing led to another and I have now been in the studio for 10 years. Last year I became a partner at Lissoni Architettura where I coordinate the interior design team.

Nothing was easy, as work in the real world makes no allowances for delays or second chances. It is extremely competitive and requires lots of passion and dedication.

Listen to your passions. Live the experience like a sponge, soaking up every single detail the teachers give you. Never stop asking questions in order to catch every little secret of this incredible profession.