Alessandro Stabile

Stabile sketch

Born in Milano, Alessandro Stabile divides himself between the studio of Giulio Iacchetti, in which he has the chance to design for the best companies, which represent the overall productive landscape, and his fledgling studio where he tries with extreme dedication to sharpen a personal and articulated thought, carrying out relations with different companies and pursuing the goal of “good design”.

Alessandro Stabile Wired

Alessandro Stabile Pilotis

Alessandro Stabile Ufo

Alessandro Stabile René

Alessandro Stabile Root

I try to carry out the project trying to make sure that it remains faithful to the generating idea and respectful to the material used, the productive method and the objects future use.

I am not particularly concerned that “my hand” may be recognizable in the objects I design for the fear of reducing everything only to a matter of style.

From nature I especially notice the organization. It strikes me how everything makes sense and is done in the best way possible through years and years of refinement or else it would have faced extinction: in this sense nature is a reference. Rather, I am less interested in the formal reference to nature, especially if explicit.

Knowledge of what has been done before is an obligatory condition of our work, as well as being a pleasure. The archetypes of popular culture and objects that have made the history of design set the level of quality to strive for.

It is true that in Italy compared to other countries precociousness is something really rare, but I think that the term “young” is a bit empty of meaning.

I feel already rather late on what I wanted to do, after all, we live in a period where the only true luxury is time.