The panino is an icon of the Italian culture in the world, but most of all a kind of food “designed” to the highest standards. Guided by Matteo Ragni and Antonio De Marco, the designers of Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan took the challenge of Panino Giusto with the Accademia del Panino Italiano: designing the rich and complex experience developing around the Italian panino, from the ritual of its making to the moment it is served and tasted.

The workshop “Buono e Giusto” involved 26 international students from the Master in Industrial Design and gave rise to eight projects summarising the creativity and values of the Italian territory. Through evocative objects the exhibition describes the uniqueness of the Italian panino in the world: an unmistakable experience to savour and remember.

Three are the materials used to shape the products: wood, glass and ceramic, chosen to respect the freshness and naturalness of the ingredients and with a deep concern about the sustainability of the projects.

The students grasp the myth and ritual of the Italian panino from a new and international perspective. Using alternately irony, the power of memory and the objectivity of function, this work tells about a handicraft production that has established itself as an icon of gastronomy and aiming to become, thanks to design, one of the symbols of the Italian lifestyle.