Human Interiors, the first University Master in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano (60 credits)

A natural element which encapsulates the perfect expression of spaces in its interior. A shell is the symbol that has been chosen for Interior Design, the second edition of the university master’s coming out of the collaboration between Scuola Politecnica di Design and Politecnico di Milano’s Faculty of Design. The specialist, post-graduate program starts in March and ends inDecember 2005, after a three-month internship in a company. Sixty credits are gained over the course of the master’s.

Interior design these days is more and more involved in thecommunications system and uses technical and ergonomic tools alongside psychological and commercial levers. Contemporary environments, from great public spaces to private ones, offer up a personal viewpoint and express a way of living and managing relationships. Consumer, leisure and work places communicate the identity of the communities which live, move within them. An experience designed to bring together physical comfort and emotional impact.

The master’s aim is to shape complete professionals through a well balancedsystem of theoretical understanding, expert statements and opinions, and research and design work. The programme range from hotels to offices, from domestic spaces to distribution ones. Whole training modules are given over to the in-depth study of specific subjects such as furniture design, lighting technique, technical systems, rules and regulations or the representation of interiors in the media.

The study experience is highly dynamic, interactive and professionally oriented. Project works, clearly defined project based activities, forms some of the most fundamental parts of this master’s. The three-month traininginternship at the most rigorously selected partner companies is the testing ground of the skills that have been developed in the classroom. The teaching body is made up of university researchers, professionals and top-level designers. Scientific Management is in the hands of Giacomo Rizzi, teacher at Politecnico di Milan, and Giorgio Tartaro, Academic Supervisor at Scuola Politecnica di Design.

The University Master’s in Interior Design is held in Milan and is open to Italian and international students who are graduates (or who will be graduating) in architecture, interior or product design and equivalents. A full-time commitment is required from the end of February to December 2005, with a break during August: 890 hours of lessons and internship for a total amount of 1500 hours for each student. The final exam will be held from January until March 2006.

The teaching approach is personalised owing to the limited number of admissions. Selection is based on evaluation of the applicant’s CV, portfolio, and an individual interview. The deadline for the presentation of documents is 28 February 05.

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