True Stories. Design in four acts, on show during the Design Week 2010

True Stories. Design in four acts, on show during the Design Week 2010

Designs by SPD Master’s students are exhibited at the school in via Ventura 15, in the most experimental area of the Milanese fuoriSalone.

True Stories is young design in four acts conceived and produced by the international students attending the Scuola Politecnica di Design Master’s programmes. The exhibition taking place at the Milan based school during the Design Week 2010 from 14 to 18 April (opening hours 10-20), winds its way along four different sceneries corresponding to the four stories suggested by the set-up.

The Light Orchestra: Light Orchestra is music for the eyes. It associates sounds with a perceptive domain different from hearing. The highlight of the installation is an oversized keyboard resembling a futuristic piano with 12 coloured buttons that control 12 LED sources. The visitor interacts with the instrument and creates changeable atmospheres by painting a vast, empty space with a palette of lights, colours and sounds. This grand piano whose shape is modelled on a waveform graph casually recorded, combines colours and sounds according to Goethe’s colour wheel, based on 12 colours, and to the circle of fifths, expressing the relationship between the 12 tones of the chromatic scale. Light Orchestra took part in the LED Light Festival making his debut in December 2009 at the Colonne di San Lorenzo, a popular Milanese meeting place. It was voted as the best installation in the schools category and was awarded the second prize overall. The new episode, Light Orchestra Volume 2, leaves the monumentality of the church’s ancient colonnade and moves into a modern post-industrial cathedral, the former Faema factory. Realizzazione: LED Contest con il supporto di APG Group (Milano, dicembre 2009)

Sunday at the race

Stefan Barac, Bostami Bin Ahmad, Daniel Chinchilla, Weiloon Choo, Dario Dropucic, Tugra Erol, Alberto Fernández Albilares, Viktar Filipchanca, Vincenzo Franchino, David Hernández Bautista, Joseph Kfoury, Berkhan Koçgazi, Mauro Lecchi, Nicola Mondini, Sebastián Negrete, Tad Orlowski, Dmitrii Panov, Nelson Simões, Carl Soares, Wojciech Tuleja, Sergey Velet, Alex Velet, Ori Yemini, Master in Transportation  Design. Supervision: Filippo Perini, Alessandro Maccolini.

A track, a huge polistil circuit with eleven extreme sports cars getting ready for the challenge on an imaginary Sunday at the race. This is the setting chosen by Diego Grandi to showcase the work of the Department of Transportation Design. The 1:4 scale models have been made by SPD Master’s students under the guidance of Filippo Perini, Design Director of the brand of the raging bull. Lamborghini Next – this is the name of the project in collaboration with the company based in Sant’Agata Bolognese – explores new languages for a beloved icon of Italian design: new architectural solutions, softer volumes or more aggressive ones, in accordance with the current Lambo style. Hi-tech toys for grown-ups still enjoying the thrill of speed and recklessness.

In collaboration with Lamborghini

Remastered in colour

Onofrio Magro, Sara Makki, Valeria Panizza. Supervisione: Daniele Barbiero and anyBetterPlace

Visualizing music, drawing melodies. The project starts off with the invention of a graphic code that closely follows the structure of a series of classical compositions. It’s an alphabet made of legible shapes, recognizable symbols which change form, colour and size according to the instrument activated by the melody, to its intensity and duration. Signs pile up and move on an imaginary line allowing us to follow the rhythm and feel the flow of the melody with the eyes. The inspiration is rooted in the early experiences of the Sixties and Seventies. This experiment, based around 20 popular classical pieces, offers a synaesthetic but factual response to music rather than its impressionistic reinterpretation. It is proposed as a simplified graphic translation of music rather than an alternative notation system. The output of this work is in 20 posters which add visual quality to classical pieces, from Rossini to Bach, from Debussy to Brahms covering a vast repertoire ranging from opera, orchestra and symphonic, sacred and chamber music. Two tracks – the first movement of the Concerto for Violin and Orchestra by Beethoven and the Horn Concerto No.1 by Mozart – moved to the screen to be enjoyed as animated graphics, in sync with music.

In collaboration with EMI Classics

Waiting for a guest: Slim Chips

Júlíusson Hafsteinn, Master in Industrial and Interior Design

Just eat nothing, without guilt. Slim Chips is an experiment around alternative types of snack food. The consumption of junk food is very often associated to habits and social rituals that help interrupt the flow of routinary daily activities more than to the hunger impulse. The basic ingredient here is edible paper, almost nutritionless, baked and flavoured with additives of organic origin. Don’t get fat, just eat nothing. It’s like eating tasty air, available in mint flavour, blueberry or sweet potato.

Production: HAF

Waiting for a guest: Ride it to light

Júlíusson Hafsteinn, Ignacio Ojanguren Alvarez, Christina Perdikaki, Master in Industrial Design. Supervision: Huub Ubbens

Ride it to light is a kit that allows turning a normal bicycle into a tool to create energy. The project really shows everyone can contribute something to the environment in his or her own little way, using existing technology to generate light. The installation gives visual evidence of the fact that we are energy and help make a global challenge personal by building a different consciousness about energy and where it comes from. The goal here is promoting a mindshift from energy consumption to self-production, from an individual approach to collaborative attitudes thus inviting people to take a more active role in the energetic issue.

Productio: LED Contest (Milano, December 2010)

Waiting for a guest: Bootleg

Isaac Piñeiro, Master in Industrial Design. Supervision: Nadadora

The inspiration is in the name. A bootleg is a rough live recording, often unauthorized, which is copied and then shared among fans with results very much different from the official release. The Bootleg project recycles old moulds, no longer in use, found at plants where they used to produce ceramic vases around the area of Valencia, Spain. Different moulds are paired, not differently than mixing music, and thus give birth to brand new vases thanks to an artful combination of industrial leftovers.

Production: Sagenceramics

Waiting for a guest: Corolla

Isaac Piñeiro, Alessandro Stabile, Master in Industrial Design. Supervision: Odoardo Fioravanti

A simple gesture to enjoy fruit and Nutella. A single gesture is enough to screw the “plug&tray” accessory on the Nutella jar, enabling new rituals of consumption for one of the most popular Italian products to begin.The concept of the Nutella add-ons is capable of generating stories around the product. Corolla brings Nutella at the center of the table and allows new possibility of sharing a light breakfast, a garden party, a delightful dinner with friends. Corolla will be produced and distributed in stores in 2010.

In collaboration wit Ferrero (first prize Nutella and Fruit contest)

Mr Hyde

Pablo Crespo Pita, Martin Franzén, Isaac Piñeiro, Master in Industrial Design. Supervision: DeepDesign
Surprise, Mr. Hyde is lightened up and reveals design icons appearing on the essential surface of the sofa. The comparison with celebrated pieces of the past is reinvented through the creative use of existing materials and technologies. The concept of the collection – made of sofas and couches in different sizes – is a tribute to classic furniture pieces such as the Chesterfield. The project was selected by Andrea Branzi and Silvana Annichiarico for the second edition of the Triennale Design Museum, Serie e Fuoriserie.

In collaboration with Serralunga

Concept True Stories a cura dei docenti

Diego Grandi e jekyll&hyde.

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  • Sunday at the race
  • Waiting for a guest
  • Corolla, accessory for Nutella
  • Corolla, accessory for Nutella
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