Susan Sellers from 2×4 Tuesday May 25th at SPD

Susan Sellers from 2×4 Tuesday May 25th at SPD

Founder of the New York based firm 2×4, Sellers presents selected works including projects for Prada and Nike.

Susan Sellers from 2X4 will take center stage at the fifth DesignTalks event. Sellers is co-founder and partner of 2×4, one of the most innovative design firms on the contemporary American scene. The lecture is open to the general public and will begin with an introduction by Silvia Sfligiotti. 2×4, Inc. is a multidisciplinary design studio founded in 1994 by Michael Rock, Susan Sellers and Georgianna Stout with offices in New York and Beijing. They are an expansive practice that engages print, film/video, web and environmental design. Their compact scale — 3 partners, 20 designers and a small administrative staff — insures intimate involvement by the partners and designers in every aspect of a project from concept to delivery. 2×4’s intellectual and creative focus is on the thoughtful, dynamic, often unexpected, expression of meaningful content — medium follows a rigorous analysis of message, context and audience – for art, design, architecture, fashion and cultural clients. DesignTalks is the international lecture programme promoted by Scuola Politecnica di Design SPD to explore the most interesting research trends in design, architecture, graphic and multimedia. The integration of different media, between design and technologies, research and professional practice will be central to the meetings that will continue until July 2010. The next lecture will be given by Pierre Di Sciullo on June 9th at 18.30.


May 25th at 18.30

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