Fanny Manderscheid awarded with the Targa Rodolfo Bonetto 2002

The Milan school is a prize winner for the Personal Viewer project, developed in association with Microsoft. It explores new styles for using the PC of the future.

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Sophisticated yet simple, like an exercise book, with a wealth of technology and, taken as a whole, reassuring as a pencil. This is the PC of the future according to the jury of the 35th SMAU Industrial Design Award – Targa Bonetto. The recognition was given on Saturday 26 October to Scuola Politecnica di Design for an exacting piece of work developed in association with Microsoft Italia.

The concept which was given first prize is Le Cahier by Fanny Manderscheid, a young French designer who has recently finished her SPD Master in Industrial Design. Le Cahier has wireless technology packed into an ancient soul. The design lives on what are merely surface contradictions between its extremely advanced performance and its enormous usability. It looks like a normal ring-bound exercise book; its covers and inner sheets hold all the hardware, the screen, a writing pad and a removable keyboard in translucent silicon. Le Cahier maintains that pleasurable, intimate contact with paper.

The electronic pen allows you to write on both the touch screen and on the paper pages in the exercise book. The writing pad underneath digitalizes the handwriting on the sheets or everyday post-its; the message can be saved as a bitmap or converted into text format. Le Cahier can also be integrated with an e-paper system. The pencil with a rubber rubs out on both paper and screen. Files and errors are deleted with a familiar movement. Le Cahier’s design plays on quotations from absolutely classic IT tools. If the user turns the pages around the spiral they have a normal laptop, or, if they remove the keyboard they have a desktop computer. Once again the concept being put forward is one that fits in with people’s habits and culture.

The award jury, which was made up of Roberto Bonetto, Roberto Dadda, Denis Santachiara and other influential figures from the worlds of design and ICT, has given a prize to a project centred on the user: suitable for people who are only slightly familiar with ICT but also for all the consumers who consciously choose increasingly immediate, usable and efficient systems.

Le Cahier was displayed in the Microsoft stand – pavilion 22 – alongside the works created within the scope of the Personal Viewer project.

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