The Master in Transportation and Car design ended with the presentation of the Audi and Lamborghini projects designed by the students to renewed professionals, such as Mitja Borkert from Lamborghini, Filippo Perini from Italdesign, Norihiko Harada from Zagato and many more.

Thanks to the partnership with Volkswagen Group Design, the students of Master in Transportation and Car Design had the opportunity to develop innovative projects for Audi and Lamborghini and to discuss their presentations in front of their families, friends and automotive professionals.

Tormenta, the car designed for Lamborghini by the team of three students Aleksander Krupa, Kartheek Malagondla and Adrian Solis, explore the new ways wealthy and adventurous people can be impressed by a new transportation concept. Inspired by how a fluid composite adapts to different shapes, this car is presented in three different modes, from the less to the most competitive racing configuration: strada, sport and corsa. A mutation that suits several needs from the final user and that offers different experiences and emotions in a unique vehicle.

Its multifaceted rear characterises this car design as in a sculpture and changes to a more soft and sensual shape in the front, summarising the Lamborghini brand-values.

The concept of Audi Revive, designed and presented by Reece May, Dwayne Graafland, Giacomo Dionisi, Duncan Machi and Palash Agraval, is inspired by sport teams activities such as sports preparation, recovery and healing techniques. Minimalistic exterior design, mirrored asymmetry, healing-technology inspired interiors which cope well with the brand identity.

Future, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are the core concepts behind the design of Audi Jet experience, a project developed for the premium-luxury segment of the brand, a high-end target audience that can choose Jet Experience as a faster and more comfortable alternative to a private short haul flight. Designed by Domenico di Dia, Ivan Dulanovic, Tahagata Ghosh and Pablo Sanchez Leal.

Digital technology can make our life easier and can be key to create a new interaction between the user and the car, which brings emotions and creates a world around the driver. The main concept behind Aura, designed by Aleksander Krupa, Kartheek Malagondla, Akshay Prakash, Amey Vaghodkar and Peng Cheng Zhang is, as the name suggests, to create a state of aura, where the user can isolate from the external world, relax and enjoy a mindful moment through meditation. A car that shifts the focus toward the human factor, taking inspiration from the YinYang philosophy that puts balance at its centre.

A different kind of isolation, more focused on nomadic work, is the concept which inspired the design of Audi One Space: a car which turns into a personal mobile office, giving a distraction-free environment to its user.

User interaction is the focal point for the Supersense car, designed by Michal Kurlej, Mohammed Muqeet Shariff and Adrian Solis. A tailor-made car, user-oriented and fully customisable thanks to the help of 3D Holographic Project Assist, which allows giving the car a new look everytime the driver desires. Also, the interiors contribute creating a complete driving experience, thanks to the tactile membranes which adapt to the body contours.

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