SPD on a conference tour through Lebanon meets its graduate students

SPD on a conference tour through Lebanon meets its graduate students

SPD on a conference tour through Lebanon meets its graduate students

Marta Bernstein and Antonello Fusetti give lectures at the most important universities in Beirut focussing on graphics, interior and product design.

Scuola Politecnica di Design’s director Antonello Fusetti and Marta Bernstein, graphic designer and professor of Typography of the Master in Visual Design, have recently completed a conference tour throughLebanon, with meetings held at three major universities: LAU, Lebanese American University, ALBA Académie des Beaux Arts and AUB American University of Beirut. The conferences, aimed at propagating the importance of Italian creativity and its influence at international level, dug  into the reasons of the affirmation of the Italian way and presented the contemporary directions in graphics and product design.

Antonello Fusetti has analysed the evolution of design in Italy evidencing its characteristics being a result of a multidisciplinary approach with influences coming from arts and industries, industrial product design and architecture.

Marta Bernstein has exposed how Italian graphic design has been able to reap international reputation since the ’60’s and ’70’s. Starting with renowned graphic designers such as Massimo Vignelli, Bruno Munari e Armando Testa she has illustrated how even in more recent times Italian graphic design is able to set new standards, mentioning examples such as Leftloft, authors of the documenta 2013 visual identity, Luciano Perondi with his fonts for Corriere della Sera newspaper as well as Studio FM and Paolo Tassinari, merging graphic design with fashion and arts.

The conferences have been supported by a group of former SPD students from Lebanon, bearing witness to the authentic and valuable cultural exchange between the two countries and giving a first hand account of their academic and professional experiences during and after their studies. In particular, SPD would like to thank Nicolas Moussalem and David Raffoul that have successfully started their own interior and product design firm in Beirut, davidandnicolas; Rana Rmeily, former student of the Master in Visual Design and today senior graphic designer in Lebanon and Roya Semaan that recently returned to her country after some important post-master experiences with Diego Grandi and Patricia Urquiola in Milano and with Jean Nouvel in Paris.

Before leaving Lebanon the delegation from SPD has been received by theItalian Ambassador Dr. Antonio Morabito at the Embassy in Beirut.