From computer to car. The high tech city car is here.

The automotive world is becoming more and more oriented towards new concepts of architecture and style. In the quest for a fresh approach to vehicle design, the Master in Transportation Design students, led by the designer Marco Bonetto, have wanted to imagine the car as a means of communication besides a means of transport for a possible market of the future.

Taking as a starting point the brief by Roberto Giolito, head of FIAT’s Advanced Design centre, the students have worked on the design of aPersonal Car.

By referring to the personal computer, which is made up of elements which can be put together and personalized, the Personal Car adopts flexibility, modularity and lightness as the project’s guide lines. The brief was tackled first individually and then in a group, progressively refining the selected suggestions through which the virtual and scale models were created.

The project’s final outcome is a proposal for the car exterior and two variations for the interior. It is a compact, nimble city car which stands out because of its wealth of onboard electronics and innovative interface. The concept meets the demands of a young public who opt for practicality but the most absolutely avant-garde equipment as well.

The car becomes a tool which gives us comfortable driving, by allowing us to manage all our daily activities at the same time while we’re on the move. It’s a versatile car which matches personal tastes and adapts itself to lifestyles.

The Personal Car has been created with a new four-wheel community in mind, in the quest for individual comfort and constant connection to information networks. It is a design which opts for the advantages of access rather than possession, of the immaterial rather than the material.

The association between Scuola Politecnica di Design SPD and FIAT is part of the ADUS programme with which the Turin firm supports innovative designs from the most important international design schools and universities.

Project leader: Prof. Marco Bonetto
In association with FIAT