SPD students design Natuzzi’s virtual show room

It’s how you live. Like a house, the sofa is a living space, an island where you can play, read, work, relax. The project developed on the Master’s in Web Design in association with Natuzzi, recreates on the web an experience of the product which is almost physical and very close to the real one.

Thanks to simulation techniques, virtual paths and animations, theprototypes that the students have developed provide all the information required to choose and purchase a sofa, right up to giving the sensation of seeing it in your own home or being able to touch it.

The students grouped themselves in five web agencies, with an internal role distribution that closely follows the professional setting. There is even an original, interactive optical path in the work they created. This prototype follows the consumer’s gaze in a Natuzzi shop and allows them to view the sofa from unusual perspectives which capture its details, proportions and the decisive aspects in making a purchase.

Another project presents an “organized” navigation system within the vast Natuzzi catalogue. It is a fast, usable system that fully supplies all the information necessary – from care to materials, from style to colours – to be able to visualize the ideal product by going successively through various choices. This is a sofa which can be seen in the various rooms of your home as you choose between settings and types of furniture.

The short movie Natuzzi senses, on the other hand, plays on the emotions and values of the brand. Starting off with the five senses, the same number of quick, light Flash animations allow us almost to touch, listen, breathe and experiment with the “taste” of owning a Natuzzi sofa, overcoming the physical limits of the web with the imagination.

Project leaders: Prof. Susanna Guarnerio, Prof. Andy Scupelli
In association with: Natuzzi