March 2019 / April 2020


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Registration is open for the Master MID in Interior Design organized by Design School of the Politecnico di Milano university, in collaboration with and SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design.

The Master will begin in March 2019 and is a postgraduate course with a professionalizing orientation, ntended for graduates in architecture, design or engineeringwho want to broaden their professional horizons by deepening the most relevant tools for interior design.


Participants will be involved in a wide program that alternates lessons and workshops, in order to apply theoretical knowledge and practical tools to concrete projects. Participants are followed by University faculty and by the best professionals who come from prestigious studios with international exposure. The Master also boasts a wide network of host companies who work side by side with the students during the three-month internship that concludes the course: it is an opportunity to round off their preparation with an immersion in the Milanese design system.

The Master is divided into 11 modules and 5 project areas that correspond to the main professional fields:

  • the residential sector which entails the usage of trends, materials and technologies for the evolution of living spaces
  • retail design that give shape to the brand’s spaces and is closely linked to digital touchpoints too
  • hospitality that allows creating emotionally engaging services and experiences
  • office design, a field in great evolution that follows the dynamics of smart working
  • exhibit design that embraces different projects, from temporary installations to museums etc

The Master is an academically recognized course that corresponds to 60 CFU/ECTS credits and 15 CFP training credits required by the professional associations. At the end of the course, participants receive the Master’s degree certificate issued by the Politecnico di Milano University.

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