Project work: Next2Milano
future housing for new lifestyles

Inventing new ways of housing. This is the theme of Next2 Milano, the project work of the Master in Interior Design, fully developed by the SPD students under the direction of architect Marco Piva.

Next2 Milano is conceived as the second step of the project realized by Marco Piva in Osaka, Japan. SPD project is the evolution of this engaging idea: while the building is just a structural framework, each customer has the opportunity to shape it inside according to his very needs. In this architectural complex are settled 28 differents apartments, each one aimed to a specific and target category. People willing to express the lifestyle that fits more closely to them through home: fashion photographers, designers, young professionals, artists. Next2Milano project has been settled in a symbolic location: the so called ex Varesine area, an important district which has been and still is at the centre of several plan of reconvertion.

The students’ goal has been to connect this builing with the surroundings and the whole urban context. The building facilities –auditorium for cultural activities, exhibition area, wellness centre, restaurants, bank, jewelery and shops – are designed to enhance the relations between the residents and to promote the communication with the outside. These public spaces open to the city although they preserve privacy and esclusivity. As in every multifunctional complex the strong application of advanced technology is studied to improve the user’s experience: automation and control systems, communication devices.

The project work has been developed through an intensive training on architectural, interior and even product design disciplines. Specific attention has been paid to technologies and materials thanks to the close cooperation with important companies leaders in their respective production sectors. The students have realized a modular model on large scale featuring the whole complex as well as each single residential unit.

  • Project by Luca Bresciani
  • Model by Isadora Rondon