Project work : Led lights

In cooperation with Artemide the students attending the Industrial Design Master, 2001-2002 edition, have been developing wireless lighting system based on LED technology with microfluorescent or electroluminescent bulb. Fixtures that are not fixtures at all but practical, portable appliances thanks to their compact size and the rechargeable batteries equipment

. SPD young designers have realized very personal projects: the light is conceived to follow the user and changes to meet different needs and conditions. The design solutions proposed combine technology with function and strong emotional impact.

As a result 10 innovative concepts were carried out, featuring various applications far beyond the conventional lighting of an environment. These concepts choose recycleable, luxurious or hi-tech materials such as Technogel. Even the symbolic value of light is taken into great account.

This is the key to reLIGHT, a project by Fanny Manderscheid based on the biofeedback principles. reLIGHT is a glove equipped with a microprocessor with luminescent sensors. Once the glove is worn, it helps to control the user’s vital signs in order to reduce everyday stress and anxiety. The sensors measure temperature, conductivity, heart rate, blood pressure and create light signals thus relaxing the body and showing the armony between the human and the environment.

More glamour in Starlight, a project by Sealine Yam and Romain Vollet. Starlight is a compact lighting system which ironically recalls the mirrors in a Hollywood dressing room. The designers play with women’s world. Opening the bag this small portable lighting product switches automatically on: it’s very useful to find things inside. The mirror surface lights up beauty and makes…the make up easier everytime everywhere.

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