The Master in Food Design and Innovation has a longstanding partnership with PepsiCo, the world’s leading food and beverage company, with a strong focus on developing new products for the food industry.

The Master in Food Design and Innovation has a longstanding partnership with PepsiCo, that is increasingly focused on the natural food market to respond to a global quest for environmental sustainability and to allow its economic and social development to go hand in hand.

No need to say, the collaboration with the students of SPD Master in Food Design and Innovation in Milan is another proof of the acceleration towards sustainability, communities engagement and inclusion impressed by Mauro Porcini, Chief Design Officer of PepsiCo, and the creative mind behind the customer-centered approach toward design and innovation of the global food giant. Over the last editions of this one-year specialisation program, a new breed of young food design experts, coming from various backgrounds and different countries from the Americas to Asia via Europe, have put themselves to the test by envisioning new food and retail concepts in response to the input received by the academic partner.

The 6th edition of the program offered to the participants the possibility to engage in dialogue with the Latin American branch of the company and in particular with Tilo Rojas, Design manager of PepsiCo Mexico. Under the guidance of Design Group Italia, Milan-based innovation consultancy that led the course and inspired by Tilo’s precious insight, the students delivered their proposal of healthy and natural snacks. The challenge here was to give value to local food products to increase the attention of the Latin American communities, eager to enjoy all the goodness of nature and to celebrate their local food. Infact, as consumers are getting more and more expert on what they eat and where it comes from, the company is becoming more attentive to people who are looking for large-scale food options made locally and with a clear connection with local productions. The students strove to create snacks with the nutrients of a fruit but less sugar or to combine the benefits of cacao or guarana into a new organic or vegan and highly proteic produce.

The final presentation with DGI and PepsiCo is an essential opportunity to share the different expertise and personal stories of all the parties involved. In fact, our relation with food is made of a combination of factors, personal memories, emotions and technical knowledge and marketing exposure. In the age of co-creation, the collaborative platform that SPD is offering to young designers and to the partner company is surely very inspiring for both and is adding great value to those who chose to pursue their studies in food design in Italy.

The new edition of the Master in Food Design and Innovation is starting on 13th November 2019. Last places are available. To get information and enquire about the admission, click here