MA students in Event and Exhibition Design exhibit their posters at SaloneSatellite 2024

A unique opportunity for SPD students guided by the designer Paolo Giacomazzi and the three-time Compasso d’Oro Ico Migliore.

Students presentation

Students presentation

Students presentation

SPD Scuola Politecnica di Milano is proud to announce that students from the Master’s program in Event and Exhibition Design, in collaboration with Accademia Fiera Milano and IULM, have created extraordinary posters for SaloneSatellite 2023. This exceptional project was made possible with the support of designer Paolo Giacomazzi and Ico Migliore, three-time Compasso d’Oro winner.

The talented young designers of this Master’s course took up the unique challenge and demonstrated their creativity and expertise in creating high quality posters. Each poster represents an excellent synthesis of aesthetics and concept, capturing the essence and theme of SaloneSatellite 2023.

Their dedication and commitment was rewarded when they had the opportunity to present their designs to Marva Griffin, Founder and Curator of SaloneSatellite. Meeting such an influential figure in the industry provided the students with valuable feedback and advice from top professionals.

Seeing their work displayed in the prestigious context of the SaloneSatellite 2024 is a significant goal for the students of the Master in Event and Exhibition Design. Indeed, these posters will be an integral part of the event, providing them with a unique platform to showcase their creativity and talent in SaloneSatellite 2024, that will be celebrating its “25 years anniversary”.

This initiative once again demonstrates SPD Scuola Politecnica di Milano’s commitment to providing hands-on learning opportunities and fostering collaboration with influential figures in the industry. The unique experience gained by the students of the Masters in Event and Exhibition Design will shape their professional future and give them valuable international exposure.