Luciano Perondi opens the Design Talks series, 2014 edition

Luciano Perondi opens the Design Talks series, 2014 edition

The 2014 programme of DesignTalks will start with the lecture of Luciano Perondi, research professor, type and information designer, director of the ISIA Institute in Urbino.

Luciano Perondi, author of the book “Sinsemie. Scritture nello spazio” (Synsemic artifacts. Writings in space)” published in 2012 by Stampa Alternativa, proposes to go beyond the definition of information design in favour of that of synsemia intended as “the conscious and deliberate arrangement of elements of written language in space in order to communicate throught the spatial articulation and the other visual variables, regularly and in a reasonably unambiguous way”.

The event is open to the public.

DesignTalks is the international lecture programme promoted by Scuola Politecnica di Design SPD to explore the most interesting research trends in design, architecture, graphic and multimedia. The invited guests for the 2014 edition of  DesignTalks are:

Andreas Gysin
Tuesday 6 May
Andreas Gysin lives and works as a visual designer between Berlin and Lugano. His work brings together graphics, animation and creative coding to develop custom programs oriented toward a different output according to the medium chosen. He teaches interaction design and programming at ECAL, Lausanne and in SUPSI, Lugano and in workshops worldwide.

Luca Pitoni
Wednesday 7 May 2014
Specialized in magazine design, Luca Pitoni was the man behind the launch of IL, Intelligence in Lifestyle, the monthly supplement for the Saturday edition of the Sole24Ore newspaper. In his role as art director of the Edizioni San Paolo, he started an ambitious programme for redesigning well-known periodicals and introducing new publications.

Paolo Tassinari
Wednesday 21 May 2014
Founding partner of Tassinari/Vetta, renowned visual design firm based in Trieste. He works in the fields of publishing, corporate identity and communication for public institutions, museums, exhibitions and cultural events of great acclaim.

John L. Walters
Wednesday 11 June 2014
Editor of Eye, the celebrated international graphic design magazine, Walters is a journalist and design critic specialized in music and design.

Peter Bilak
Wednesday, 25 June 2014
Peter Bilak is most known for having created the type foundry Typotheque and the magazine Works That Work but his interests embrace a very diverse range of activities beside type and editorial design and include for example the participation in performing arts projects such as those concerned with contemporary dance.