Visual design Master’s students’ have their own blog

Invad is the latest goal achieved in advertising communication. It was created by students of Visual Design Master’s during the Advertising class led by Paolo Iabichino, creative director of OgilvyOne.

Advertising moved from persuasion to pervasion, looking for new audiences when individuals – the well-known target- has learnt to keep the distance, criticize, boycott, choose in a different way. Halfway consciousness raising and taunt, Invad fantasizes about violating the last virgin spaces, imagining brands that make their way inside unlikely media, still not considered by the advertising invasion of these days, maybe for modesty.

Today all the student’s ideas have been gathered in a blog www.invad.itwhich will continue to collect clues and new ideas of people who want to try it, but also accounts and complaints of people who will reveal/bare the last intrusion of an advertising more and more in difficulty.

Professionals of advertising are desperately trying to intercept this phenomenon. They have coined a new vocabulary which includes words like viral and guerrilla marketing. It’s amazing how sometimes words can be witnesses of an uneasiness: to one hand viral stands for the new power of advertising of spreading through words, while on the other hand guerrilla indicates the fighting opposition of professionals to keep their target.

So today, how can we teach advertising to young students who could become the creative directors of tomorrow? At school they learn doing advertising by using the latest registres. Fundamentals of design and copywriting do not change, but there is a growing awareness of what’s going on with the net, consumers’ associations, phenomenons of boycott, nopub movements and a growing media convergence. The last one is keeping the public away from the traditional channels.

Young people, people -or worst consumers and the persons in charge of purchase- are more and more often in front of a monitor or a display and less to a screen. Moreover they use the net to be connected between them, to share and interchange experiences. Sometimes a blog, or a discussion group, can influence a purchase more than a spot or a double page can do.