Pret a Manger: eight restaurants designed by Interior Design Master’s students with Simone Micheli and two celebrity chef.

Prêt à manger is the result of a workshop led by Simone Micheli at Scuola Politecnica di Design in collaboration with two star chefs, both Piedmontese: Davide Scabin from the celebrated Combal.Zero and Ugo Alciati from Guido restaurant, for generations a major milestone in Italian culinary landmark.

Twenty-five international students from SPD Master’s in Interior Design envisioned eight new concept restaurants: places for meeting people and having fun, designed to bring intrigue and taste discovery to your palate.

Every dining experience reflects both the cultural heritage and the future of eating out. The students’ goal was to breakdown the rigid procedures that are typical to the traditional experience and innovate it.

Gala Restaurant emphasizes what is usually in the backstage of a restaurant, the kitchen and the art of cooking. The customers are invited to take part in the creation of a dish. The reference for this project comes from the red carpet and the show here is all about cooking. The kitchen is located on the underground floor, the reception and the lounge are on the ground floor while the restaurant is on the first floor. The dining room hosts three stages where the the chef and his staff prepare the dishes. It is a show in three acts: the appetizer, the main course and act three, the dessert.
Creative cuisine, seen as an artwork, is the result of a process always unknown to who enjoys the dish. This is where the idea of Contatto comes from: a cosy and relaxed environment where people feel at ease and can share the dining experience with the chef, going over the traditional separation between guests and kitchen staff.
It is not only a restaurant. Studio 10 offers space, time, interaction and flexibility. This location can be the ideal setting for business presentations, the performance of a celebrity chef or private parties. The design language is rough, industrial, strong and simple. This enhances the client’s interface with the interior where guests move freely: the final result depends from their interactions that changes every time.
Kylh offers a complete experience to the client: a meeting place with a restaurant, a lounge bar, a disco, a café and a delishop. Different colours define the various functions of the space and also the atmosphere of the evening. From the Barbianco, a perfect place for a drink after work, you can go upstairs to Ristoranteneutro, to taste fusion dishes for the most refined palates. Every dinner ends up at the Barnero where you can drink and dance all the night long.
Remember being told by your parents not to play with food at the dinner table? Cleanic is a laboratory where you can experiment on food rediscovering primary flavours. A place to awaken the most personal of all senses: taste. Clients are invited to create a personal combination of ingredients choosing colours, textures, specific smells from the menu, and even their preparation and techniques. The options are countless and the customer has to take part in this experiment.
Air, water, earth, fire: the alchemical synthesis of life. Ingredients that come back in cooking. The inspiration for this restaurant – named meaningfully 4 elements – comes from nature. The project privileges an organic language by choosing simple volumes with fluid surfaces. The light emphasizes the volumes and indicates the change of scenery, from breakfast until dinner.
A dinner at the restaurant becomes a moment of real fun and a chance to meet new people. The social dimension prevails in this concept, Ludicroom, designed for those who love playing while discovering new tastes. The restaurant is divided into various spaces, according to the different courses. For instance, you can find a lounge for sipping cocktails, rooms dedicated only to starters, main courses or dessert or even a cigar room.
Lynph is a journey through different tastes and flavours coming from all over the world. This project celebrates the culinary tradition of the five continents, from Mediterranean to Thai cuisine, but also the diverse ways of having a meal: a formal dinner or more modern experiences such as the american-style brunch, to discover the world in a dish.

Clockwise from the top:
Studio 10 by Jorge Bibiloni (Spain), Concetta Lorenzo (Italy), Michaela Smith (U.K.), Fiorella Sturla (Peru)

Contatto by Alfredo Avitaia (Italy), Johanna Erla, (Iceland), Alice Roscini (Italy)

Kilh ristolounge by Carlo Schembri (Malta), Nicola Seta (Italy), Cecilia Taccia (Italy)

Gala restaurant by Juan Carlos Tapia (Mexico), Antonio Zardoni (Italy), Giorgia Paolini (Italy)

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