Interior Decoration: selected textures and ornamental patterns designed by SPD graphic designers enter the Sublistyle catalogue.

In June the latest, up-to-date textures and graphic art designs for interior design were presented at the Scuola Politecnica di Design for Sublistyle, a company of the Vertical Vision Group.

Texture & Objects, as the challenge, evaluates the potential in digital printing at the highest level: a technology that offers a vast possibility in personalisation in the interior design sector and in furnishing. It can be used together with different materials, such as glass, wood, aluminium and plastics.

Three awards were given. The first prize winner: Vanessa Chin, 28 years old, with a design that captures the theme of the countryside seen from a bird’s eye point-of-view: a light texture in natural tones which highlights the geometry of the rectangular shapes of the fields and yet upholds its strong points, also in the brightly lit chrome ranges

In second place, Romana Topescu, 24 years old from Bucharest. In his work, the everyday objects found in any home become the strong point in graphic impact thanks to a creative use of the close-up technique. The walls are covered in a mirage of cutlery or upon a closer look a cheese grater. The result is perfect for restaurant spaces and entrances but also for informal household spaces.

Gabriella Persson, a 28-year-old Swedish student, has taken third prize with a design inspired by the classical design of leaves in the traditional Nordic form. Birch, elm, beech, poplar trees’ leaves, are all lightened by drawing the basic outline, decorating the surfaces of modern living.

Texture & Objects, involved all the thirty students from the Masters in Visual Design: all aged between 23 and 32 years old from twelve different countries, ranging from Korea to U.S.A., passing through Columbia and naturally, Italy. The work in the classrooms was guided by Marco Romanelli and Luca Fiammenghi

The winners were awarded monetary prizes, offered by Sublistyle and also the fantastic opportunity to see their own work in the catalogue for company decoration, soon to be displayed.
On the jury: Maurizio Favalli, director of Costruire, Silvia Latis, co-director of Abitare, Roberta Ciceri and Maurizio Marzano from Sublistyle, Mauro Oliva for Vertical Vision and Rita Preatoni representing the Scuola Politecnica di Design.

From the top: Vanessa Chin, Italy
Romana Topescu, Romania
Gabriella Persson, Sweden
Laura Grumann, Switzerland
Milan Hansel, Germany
Michelle Douglas, Chile
Fumi Yamamoto, Japan

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