Students from the Industrial Design Master’s develop new bathroom collections in collaboration with Flaminia

Ceramica Flaminia, a leading firm in producing bathroom fittings and furniture, promoted a workshop with Scuola Politecnica di Design di Milano in the context of the latter’s Master’s in Industrial Design, 2006/2007. More than thirty students from many parts of the world, are taking part in the project that started in November.

The workshop is led by the Dutch designer Huub Ubbens, with the support of Giulio Cappellini and staff from Flaminia. The design phase was preceded by a brainstorming session conducted by Denis Santachiara. Students also visited the plants in Civita Castellana near Rome in order to study in depth the sophisticated production technologies the company developed over the years.

Flaminia Experience underlines the firm’s desire to constantly explore new areas in bathroom fittings design. Experience for the students too, who are called upon to deal with a highly interesting and complex issue such as ceramics. The project focuses on the contract sector, setting out its evolution in public spaces and designing one or more public bathroom systems. The work situations assigned to the students include products forurban business hotels and leisure hotels, for restaurants and transit areas like airports or exhibition pavilions.

The workshop project is set out on two layers: working on the environmentaspect based on emerging scenarios in terms of needs, activity and new usage models; then, on the product by analising the critical aspects connected to production, hygiene, installation and maintenance as well.

The workshop will come to a conclusion in February 2007: after an evaluation period the most interesting projects may get the chance to be exhibited during Design Week in April 2007.