DesignTalks 2010. Lecture series

DesignTalks 2010. Lecture series

From May 3rd the new edition of the DesignTalks series in collaboration with Abitare magazine. The programme opens with the conferences focussing on communication , between graphic and digital design.

The fourth edition of Design Talks is starting on Wednesday May 3rd at 18.30. DesignTalks is the lecture series promoted by the Scuola Politecnica di Design SPD exploring the most interesting research trends in design, architecture, graphic and multimedia. Internationally renowned speakers are invited to share their work and ideas with the SPD community, offering the most diverse insights into contemporary professional practice. Since 2007 the programme has featured international lectures, names of the first rank such as – Massimo Vignelli, Tomato, Ross Lovegrove, Fernando and Humberto Campana, Chris Bangle, Martì Guixé, Erik Kessels from Kessels Kramer.

For the 2010 edition the themes brought to the attention of the school’s students and the general public during the conferences scheduled until July are ranging from the role of technology  applied to creativity to  the relation between experimental research and professional practice. The first guests – selected by Silvia Sfligiotti, supervisor for the visual design design area –  are: Ji Lee, creative director of Google Creative Lab, Luna Maurer, Pierre di Sciullo, vincitore del concorso per l’identità dello Stedelijk Museum di Amsterdam e Susan Sellers, cofounder of the New York based studio 2X4, which is renowned for the visual identity projects in the fields of the arts, architecture, fashion and culture.  More encounters will follow focussing on product design and architecture. Among the guest of the final session Patricia Urquiola and Chris Bangle, former BMW chief designer.


Media partner: Abitare


The calendar of the lectures as follows with a short description of the guests:


Monday, May 3rd at 18.30

Ji Lee: communication and countercommunication

Ji Lee is the creative director of Google Creative Lab. His career has developed between two opposite sides of communication design: advertising even though blessed with a non-conventional approach – and on the contraty a critical position towards the ubiquitous and persistent presence by developing initiatives as The Bubble Project giving to the once passive audience new possibilities of reaction.


Wednesday May 12th at 18.30

Luna Maurer: conditional design

Luna Maurer works in the field of interaction and media design. Her approach is focussed on the processes and struggles to escape from a media-based categorization by designing things which are able to adapt to the environment, highlight the change as a key factor, show the differences. Her work is applicable to a variety of dinamic communication tools (web, animation, movie design) but also to print, installation and performance art.

Tuesday May 25th at 18.30

Susan Sellers, 2×4:  graphic design, architecture, fashion and art

In sixteen years of activity the New York studio 2×4 has spread his fame with critical and innovative projects raging in different fields and adopting various media. The practice is internationally renowned for the long collaboration with Prada and Rem Koolhas’ OMA. They recently published It is What it Is: portrait of a studio in 1000 images, on the occasion of an exhibition celebrating their work organized in Tokyo.


Wednesday June 9th at 18.30

Pierre Di Sciullo: typography and language

French designer with a non conventional education, Di Sciullo has been exploring for many years the relationship among language,  sound and writing. Typography, especially experimental one, is thus is main expressive technique both that he is able to use both for a corporate identity project and for the facade of a building. In 2008 he won the international tender for the new graphic identity of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

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