News design explained by its protagonists. Now on the web. design explained by its protagonists. Now on the web design explained by its protagonists. Now on the web.

Nicola-Matteo Munari, SPD former student, collects interviews and profiles of the best names in design of all times and now makes them available on the web.

It is the interview with internationally acclaimed architect and designerMassimo Vignelli to inaugurate the website Conceived, designed and directed by former SPD student Nicola-Matteo Munari, it provides insight on the world of design by the means of interviews with its protagonists.

Weekly updates will, step-by-step, trace a worldwide map of design.Interviews with international designers working in diverse fields will alternate with the portraits of the Masters of the past. For the opening release, beside the interview with Vignelli, Munari digs in the past and brings back the fascinating profile of Giulio Minoletti, great architect, urbanist and designer who gave to the city of Milan many innovative buildings of striking yet controlled beauty.

“In order to underline the cultural dimensions of design, I have collected interviews with designers worldwide, from Tokyo to Los Angeles and now I am looking forward to sharing them with the public”, comments Munari. “This is an old idea of mine and i built this over a  long time. Also the design of the website” he adds “has been conceived as a basic concept several years ago, during my Master course at SPD. This is why this initiative can now gather some of my colleagues from the Master years, people that are that now supporting the project with different roles”.

Nicola-Matteo Munari attended the Master in Visual Design at SPD in the year 2011-2012. After finishing the course, he started a collboration with Giulio Ceppi, founder of TotalTool where he could take part into important projects. He subsequently joined the studio of Italo Lupi, a complex, master of graphics and design at both Italian and international level and for many years director of Abitare magazine. Munari thus had the chance of working side by side by him to complete Italo Lupi’s comprehensive graphic autobiography, recently presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair.