Creative SPD people for YES, Dainese’s youth brand.

They don’t have a car but they get around the city quickly on two wheels; they wear no logo with an alternative, personal style: they are the 14 year-olds on scooters or the 18 year-olds with their first motor bikes. With Yes, the new family of helmets and accessories for two wheels, Dainese is taking on an exhilarating challenge: to win over a young, demanding and individualistic public – even down to their choice of helmet.

Elio Carmi, an SPD student in the 70s and now a partner in Carmi e Ubertis Design (Gruppo Publicis), has co-ordinated the Yes project involving forty creative young people from the Master’s in Visual Design. The aim: to give shape to the Yes world, by interpreting its characteristic values through an original, winning image.

Starting off from the already existent Yes trademark, in groups the students designed the brand identity applications – from headed paper to forms – and the main communications tools: catalogues, brochures and packaging. The sales point is particularly important. Through totems, racks and posters the Yes area stands out as a real shop in shop, which shows the younger, more metropolitan Dainese universe.

The students’ work also concentrated on the product: a collection of 40 T-shirts and over 160 helmets, sub-divided into the traditional segmenti racing, cross, city and tourism segments, and dressed according to the tastes and desires of the new urban tribes.

A street style emerges from the SPD visual designers SPD projects which recalls web graphics, cartoons and graffit, or else it quotes the street itself through its contact with rough, “dirty” material like asphalt, suggested in another way on the pack and helmet.

Irony couldn’t be left out, as in the Billiard Collection project or in theHairdresser works in which the Yes helmets are inspired by the improbable haircuts of Bob Marley, the Jackson Five or an over-the-top Ursula Andress. It’s got to be there to enter the Dainese world of comfort and quality smiling and in complete safety.

Project leader: Elio Carmi
In association with: Dainese