Communications and ecology. SPD for Legambiente.

From New York to Venezuela and then to Egilsstadir, Iceland. 80 SPD visual and web designers from 15 different countries accepted the invitation fromLegambiente and McCann Italia: design the new visual communications system for one of the most important ecological associations. The work embraced corporate identity and its applications, advertising, the web and editorial graphics, from the brochure to a catalogue of ‘eco-sensitive’ products.

This enthralling work lasted three months, starting with the redesign of the trademark, the swan which has always been present on campaigns likePuliamo il Mondo (Let’s clean the world) and Goletta Verde. Legambiente selected two proposals to put before its congress in the next few months. Both of the schemes respect the character of the trademark, which has by now won widespread fame, and insist on the concept of cleaning as a saving on signs to get across more incisive communication. Clean your mind is the pay off suggested to underline this message: a modern ecology as a mindstyle which is basic and practical and widens the attention from major environmental disasters to simple everyday acts.

It’s a concept which has been extended to advertising communications as well, with an institutional campaign and one aimed at schools, because environmental education starts at an early age. Specific attention has been paid to water as a resource for life – theme of the UN’s International Year of Freshwater – with recognition coming from major sources: Milos Obradovic’s and Simone Parravicini’s campaign has come out in some widely published weekly magazines.

The Legambiente brief has also been developed on the web. The communications design uses multimedia tools such as banners and animations to promote awareness of Legambiente and its various initiatives. The SPD web designers worked in groups creating different ways of integrating and supporting offline communication on the Legambiente site.

Project leaders: Mick Berger, Luca Fiammeghi, Susanna Guarnerio, Andy Scupelli, Giovanna Vitale.
In association with: Legambiente