App design and community-based services for Expo 2015.

App design and community-based services for Expo 2015.

App design and community-based services for Expo 2015.

Milan is getting ready for the Expo and the Master’s in Web and Multimedia Design studies how to trigger engagement among tourists and locals and allow them to experience the city in new ways.

Massimiliano Mauro, SPD alumnus and since 2012 interactive designer and information design curator at Wired Italy, ran a course on community-based digital services for the Master’s in Web and Multimedia Design. The focus of the workshop was the city of Milan and the envisioned services run parallel to Expo 2015. The task for the students was to help tourists navigate the city in specific ways and allow Milanese people to enjoy its transformations in view of this major event. The outcome of the workshop is a set of conceptual prototypes of a realistic, functional and efficient services to meet the needs and desires of a broader Expo community. The proposals combine food and urban lifestyle with mobile technology. The aim is to generate positive short circuits between the global and the local target, the visitors and the Milanese people. From the initial brainstorming to the final UI prototypes the feasibility of the apps has been fully explored: the resulting interfaces have the potential to communicate the new opportunities taking place in the city and aggregate a wider community around common interests and values.
The expertise of the students themselves came into play: a group of young, highly sociable people, partly Italian and partly foreigners – that could enjoy the city during their year in Milan.
Therefore the customer journeys identifying touchpoint interactions were built using the same students’ narratives and user insights.

Check out the video-presentations of the workshop produced during the Master’s here:

ZEROKM, a project by Marwa Boukarim, Fahad Ahmed, Ahmad Sheaib

SALUTE, a project by Danielle Alva, Aunie Frisch, Guglielmo Pardo

WOUF, a project by Francesca Guadagnini, Olivia Delsart, Alessio Ravera Chion

ETAPAS, a project by Federica Fornasaro, Juan Felipe Cadavid, Marta Botter, Victor Janin