Car design sketching course, 23-28 September

Car design sketching course, 23-28 September

One week to dive into the free-hand sketching techniques and take home tips and tricks from the automotive designer and sketching pro, Michele Leonello. An immersive experience in Milan, home of legendary brand Alfa Romeo.

Are you a student or a self-taught car design freak, working to enhance your drawing skills? SPD launches the Car Design Sketching Course with a new OneWeek Experience formula: from 23 to 28 September 2019, the participants will have the chance to dive into a broad range of free-hand sketching techniques and take home tips and tricks from Michele Leonello, professor of the Transportation and Car Design department at SPD and sketching master.

With more than 18 years of experience in the automotive industry, Leonello has worked with some of the most important car manufacturers and coachbuilders such as Alfa Romeo and Maserati, Rolls Royce, Zagato and since 2008, he has been mentoring teams of international students at SPD. Now, with his energetic approach and his creativity, he will guide a new group of young learners in a 6-day immersive experience that combines the attention to their graphic empowerment with a designer’s perspective.

All of this will take place in Milan, home of the Alfa Romeo brand and therefore, the practical assignment will deal with this legendary marque. The program, in English, is comprised of a visit to the Alfa Romeo historical museum for a life-drawing session next to real works of art, from the icons that made the brand’s racing heritage to the models of undisputed beauty that still beat the competition in the auto shows. The students will be asked to choose their favorite classic Alfa Romeo car and develop its modern interpretation.

The Car design sketching course is open to students or car enthusiasts who want to speed up their path to car design, either as a passion or a profession. Prior studies are a plus, motivation is essential. Anybody who’s interested in participating in the Car Design Sketching course to solidify their sketching and fast rendering techniques and take them to the next level can learn more about the complete program, the fee, and the enrolment details here


To get the program or to proceed with the application: visit here

Timetable: from Monday 23 to Saturday 28 September 2019 from 10 to 17.30 for a total of 34 classhours.

Location: campus SPD, Milan

Language: English